Expert server advice

I just reached grade three and I am scared of doing my first flight on expert because I know it’s very serious. I know all of the rules and how to fly properly but am still scared of being ghosted any advice?


Don’t worry.

Just follow all ATC instructions, and make sure to follow all speeding rules.

Key thing, LISTEN to ATC! They know what they are doing. IFATC have been trained. :)
Otherwise, congrats on making it to grade 3! It will be a lot more professional than a training server! :)


I remember my first Expert Server Flight; I was also somewhat nervous.
Check to make sure you know what every button in the ATC menu does, and stay with your device throughout the entire flight in case ATC gives you instructions. As long as you know how to use ATC properly, not fly erratically, and follow instructions, things should go smoothly.

Don’t worry! As long as you follow the rules, you’ll do great. The more you fly on Expert Server, the more confident you’ll become. It’ll be as easy as Training Server before you know it. :)


Don’t hesitate to message them about things (them as in IFATC)
Yesterday my autoland failed me and made my DC10F go off the runway and I aborted landing, after I got all cleaned up I messaged the controller and he appreciated it


Ah I remember my first time flying Expert server I was really scared. LOL I believe I left the server once because I contacted tower when I was supposed to stay on ground for taxi and got got really nervous and left. But to be honest I learned that it is not that serious as king as you listen to ATC and been doing what you have for the past months trying to get to grade 3 you should be fine. It will be fun flying with professionals don’t sweat over it man you will do great.

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Thanks for the advice guys.


For your first flight, I’d recommend spawning into a controlled airport that is not very busy. Do a few patterns and familiarize yourself with the commands and procedures. Watch the planes around you, listen to what ATC tells them too.

At a less busy airport, you’ll probably receive a little more forgiveness than somewhere that is jam packed.

Afterwards, If you have any questions or wonder why something was done a particular way, take screenshots and reach out to the controller to ask them the reasoning behind it.

In the unfortunate situation you receive a “please follow instructions”, or if a situation starts making you nervous. Take your screenshots so you are ready to discuss the event with the controller afterwards.

Despite what you hear, ghosts are pretty rare and can often be reversed if they are approached correctly.

Expert Server is a great place to fly, and the ATC makes for an awesome experience.

Hope to see ya out there soon!


Ok thanks I think I will do a flight now

If you wait a few minutes, MMMX should quiet down. KEWY is what I was going to suggest, but it just got pretty busy. You can follow along here at


@ Darius_Glover will be your controller at MMMX. Great guy. Will definitely be a good one to start with.

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Ok I will spawn in now

What’s your callsign?

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American 457

TIP: Just know when you have made it to the expert server, know the in and outs, etiquette, ATC instructions, etc.! Watch turioal videos, read turioal posts cause the expert is NOT for rookies. Learn how everything goes before you fly on there! DO NOT TRY TO LEARN when you make it to the expert server… you should already know!


Be confident, listen to and trust ATC, and have your FPL all set up and ready to go! Good luck! :)


In this case, I think it’s pretty pertinent to the discussion.


Ah. I thought you guys were about to discuss a group flight here or something. My bad!


Looks like it’s gotten a little busy over there. Your discretion, but a simple flight out and back might make the most sense.

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Massive congrats, don’t be worried it really isn’t as daunting as it sounds, as everyone says, just listen to ATC and you’re good 👍🏻

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We all have big teeth and we come and find you if you make a mistake and march upon your house with burning torches. But really, you’re allowed to make mistakes, but if you’re courteous to other users and rectify your mistakes you have nothing to worry about. Have awareness of everyone around you and you will be fine.