Expert Server access denied message.

Can some one explain to me why the expert server has denied me access to usage of said server it says i have to many violations yet their are no violations on my account at all

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You can only see past 7 days of violations on your account, to see total violations, spawn in and find yourself on LiveFlight. LiveFlight shows amount of violations. The reason you can’t get on is most likely because of the expert server requirement changes. A pilot’s violation count may be no greater than 50% of their landing count.



Please see this:


The requirements for expert have been changed.


Why were the rules changed with out the consent of the public

Check the thread. Also there were many features requests…
Like this one.

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Consent is not required. There have been a strong demand for a more strict Expert Server for quite some time now. This was the best adjustment that could be done at this point.


So will i still be able to access the expert server at my current rank of grade 3

Or do i have to wait a week tk use the server again

If you’re getting that message you showed, no.
You need increase your landing amounts, as you currently have too many violations compared to landings. All the details are in the announcement post.

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Dude if u have 50 violations u need to do 100 landings

Well that is crazy and stupid not every body is new to the game i think it should really depend on how long you have been playing and the amount of hours you have been flying

So you don’t think disregarding the rules should affect access to Expert server? Right…


That is why atc have the right to ban users for three hours that seems to always correct some one when they get kicked and told to check the instructions eventually they will learn but down playing the grade dosent help for people who are not new to flying it should really depend on how many hours you have flown how long you have been playing

Wrong. If you get ghosted, it’s for a week regardless. And with this change, the amount of ghostings have decreased and the controllers can focus on quality controlling instead of haunting people who have no respect for the rules.


Ghostings last a week and if u have 15 u r permanently banned from expert