Expert server access denied altough I should have access

Hello, i cannot access expert server. my report lasted 7 days… i waited it out. and i cannot access it.

11.06PM last friday… its already 11.51PM this friday…

All is green in my grade 2 stats and grade 3 stats… accept only that 1 report.

Please help me out.

Regards, Oenta

You report will automatically disappear soon. Just chill out and wait for it.

Can you give me your Callsign so that I can look this up for you?


Your report was issued 11:06 UTC. By the time you stated your question based on the email you also sent us, the time was 09:06 UTC.

Reports are registered in UTC/Zulu/GMT, not local time. Your grade probably restored 1 hour ago? :)


Yep, I live in europe. Didnt know the time was UTC.

Expert server is working like it should now.


Regards, Jeroen