(Expert Server) 6 within 30 minutes of KMIA

Half a dozen aircraft on their way to KMIA on expert server if a controller wants to hop on… Just saying.

We have lives… can’t be controlling all the time


That’s why I said if… no one expects you to if you don’t want to…

I’ll try to see if I’m able to hop in in around 30ish mins

If pilots can’t handle landing without ATC in a sequence of only 6 planes, they shouldn’t fly on Expert. It’s not possible to always have ATC around 😊

But thank you for the information, maybe someone is around 👍🏼


This post is for someone who wants the opportunity to.


Appreciate the post and there is no right or wrong in this. IFATC guys love to control, when they can. Keyword being when. As IFATC I would love to control if had the allocated time I used to. At the same time, I would much rather depart/arrive at a controlled airport when flying, that’s the beauty of IFATC and expert server! Ultimately, it’s about respecting your time and others, controllers know the traffic volume that each airport has and so do the pilots ;)

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I believe @Socata_1 is just trying to see if any ATC are free and looking forward to control. I don’t think he meant to request for ATC services and has stated that it is only an “if” situation.

But I do agree with other members above, IFATC have lives and they will control the skies when they are free.

So let’s keep this chat in a friendly way, no harm :)


Dang guys. There was no expectation here. I was trying to be nice incase someone wanted to hop on in a low stress environment lol. I’ll keep to myself next time lol.