Expert KASE earlier

Hi, I’d like to apologise for my horrible and crazy controlling at KASE just then on Expert. It gets quite confusing when you’re using both ends of the runway . Im also sorry for giving a few people the wrong command like giving them to the other runway. I’m sure this will not happen again


You are the ATC, you should be telling aircraft to land at only 1 end of the runway…

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It’s KASE. You use both ends


My apologies, I don’t know that :)


Not sure what you mean by “Both ends” but at KASE, only RWY 15 is used for both take offs, and landings.

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I was told that
Departures RWY 33
Arrivals RWY 15


Told by who? Like YouTube videos?

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That is incorrect. We use 33 for departures at times. If not all of the time.


Tyler and IFATC members


Who is now on KASE GROUND? I was ghoasted and I don’t know why?

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No, Rwy15 inbound and Rwy33 deps due to the mountains.

@Panther You did everything right. KASE is always hectic.


You seemed to be doing okay from 57 nm away haha dude don’t worry about it. We all have our stressful periods.


It says on youre ghosting message who did it.

The controller has been notified and will PM you after controlling.

Umm… I left so it would be someone else. Let me check

Contact a moderator to sort it out

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In KÄSE ist landing 15 and departure 33!

People just go and read a bit. There are even super tutorials about KASE operations in the forum.

So, to everyone who just reported me during controller change. Please familiarise yourself with the airports you fly. There should be one aircraft on approach or departure and the rest should be in the Red table hold. Leave 33 alone for landing.



Thanks lol. I hate to deny a few planes

I thought about going to Aspen but I decided to just do flights into Denver since Aspen looked like a hellhole with the traffic! Kudos to you for attempting to control one of the most difficult airports in the sim! I failed when I was IFATC to control there well but I know you’ll do awesome.

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When you left somebody take only ground and instructed me to taxi to 15, when i come to 15 I changed to unicom, and lined up, then I was ghoasted by ground controler

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I had approach open earlier and everything was easy until he left

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