Expert handoff to approach issue

I took off from KPHL today on expert. I was told to contact approach. I replied and switched. But there was no green approach channel. I then got warned I am in an active airspace and contact approach. But there was no green approach. I had to end the flight to avoid a ghosting. Is this a known issue?

This can happen from time-to-time.
What I suggest is that you always use the “send and switch” function, instead of just “send”.
Also, from what I’ve read, I don’t believe there was any reason to quit your flight.

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Thanks. I always do use send and switch. I quit because I did not want to get ghosted for no responding to the ACT. Even though I was on departure. Have never been ghosted yet and I want to keep it that way.

Can I get ghosted for not responding to approach when I am on departure

Oh I see what you mean. Did you try going to the airport icon and clicking info then manually joining a frequency through there?
Also, if you used send and switch, how come you weren’t automatically switched? The only thing I can think of for that would be that approach’s wifi cut out for a bit.

There is a known issue when sometimes IFATC’s open frequencies won’t appear open for some pilots. If you can’t switch, we can treat you as NORDO and work around you. We usually don’t ghost for these issues unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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