Expert for grade 4+ only

I have grade 3, 376h, 820 landings, 293000XP
So I can to play on expert… but there are not active ATC and not so many people online… so for me not interesting there…
After new requirements there will be less players online… so who will play on expert? 1 or 2 active ATC and 10-20 aircrafts?


Every last on of my violations are above 250 below 10,000 and that’s when I get distracted. Landing to violation could work

My landing count was so low I actually dropped to grade 2 form grade 4. I have most prerequisites for grade 5 minus landing count. I’m too busy and get landings in when I can

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Sounds like a good idea but it will not change much.

  • I see G4’s and G5’s doing what they want to. Ignoring instructions from ATC. There are a lot of G3’s that follow instructions and do what they’re told to do.

  • This also means if you’re G4 or G5 and you get 1 violation you go back to G3 and can’t fly on expert server.

  • If this happens. Expert server will be empty (less people sry) and it won’t be as much fun.

This is my opinion Plz don’t hurt me


Grades aren’t actually an accurate representation of skill level, maturity or any other distinguishing factor. They are simply an indicator of how much you play IF. Grade 5s are just as capable of being trolls as grade 3s. I believe we shouldn’t discriminate on those who can’t keep up with the required landings or time due to other commitments. I hover around Grade 3 most of the time, and there are some very competent pilots. I don’t agree with this as it would take out so many people from the already often sparse server, but I’m willing to be swayed by someone’s argument.

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Very nice topic @Kirito_77 Kirito_77! You raise fair and accurate points. Pilots can achieve grade 3, 4 & 5 a lot quicker then before the global release, bringing loads more uneducated newbies into the expert sever. Should we try and change something to improve this issue? Yes. Should we make the expert server access requirement grade 4? No. Why? from over a year’s experience controlling on the expert server I have ghosted and warned so many pilots that are grade 3, 4 & 5. No matter what grade… you still get incompetent flying in many different ways on this server. Can you blame them? No. There is so much to learn and experience. Everyone is different in how they learn and develop certain skills over time. I know many controllers and real life aviation professionals that are grade 3… why are they grade 3? Because not everyone has the spare time to maintain the specific landing requirements for grade 4 & 5.

So many different situations to consider… it just wouldn’t be fair to change the requirement to grade 4.

Should we perhaps change the grading system, to resolve this issue? I don’t know. But if you agree refer to this post recently made by @panther New grading system
Just my opinion :)


I see that lots of people are saying that it isn’t the grade that defines the pilots skills or that the expert server will be empty. Here’s topic where there is an other solution given to the problem:New grading system

Instead of repeating the same things saying why this solution is better, or, not as good as the other topic’s solution, here’s a poll where you can express your opinion without creating loads of similar posts.

  • The idea on this poll is better
  • The other idea is better
  • None are a solution
  • a combination of the two is the best

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If you voted “none are a solution” and you have a better solution just say it so that everyone knows.

How about a pilot test for license to get into Expert server?


So, does “this poll” refer to this topic or your topic? (I am confused)

This is a very valid point in terms of newcomers to IF. If new pilots see that that bar for expert server or a good experience is too high, and all they get to experience till then is a server filled with trolls, people will quit fairly quickly because they’re not paying just so that some noob would taxi through their and all the other aircraft that are patiently holding short.

A better condition would be the introduction of a flight time/violations and a landings/violations ratio, both so that a person simply cannot a perform a long haul flight alone and simply cannot perform a lot of touch and goes alone to improve the ratio.


I didn’t make any topic it’s just to avoid lots of similar posts. It refers to the problem about not good pilots on expert

Oops, I should have said “@Panther’s topic”. :-P

Anyways, I realized what you meant. :-)


I have played IF for years and have come to accept the fact that I’ll never get to grade 4 or 5 simply because I can’t dedicate the time to get my landing count to that point. I’m 21 and a college student so as much as I wish I could devote all that time to a sim I simply can’t. I’ve been a part of this community longer than most people and have been flying on expert for years while following the rules. If grade 3’s were no longer allowed on expert I’d probably rarely load up the sim.


Well, then all that grade three traffic could lag up the training server. Also, the help topic would be the same as people would still get to grade four and ask for help. One thing it will help is to reduce expert traffic.

well it dosnt get any better I am afraid…My age starts with a 4x and I will remain a grade 3 for the rest of time…


Who would do that? There would be a huge backlog of people trying to get on the expert server.

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As much as I appreciate the effort, I like to hear people’s opinions on the matter

I like the idea, but since I am a Grade 3 since I am busy and not that active on the weekdays, I am going to have to agree and disagree. Here is my alternate suggestion:

The expert server could be for those that are Grade 3 and above, but they must have no violations. If you have even one violation, you are moving down to Grade 2, whether you are Grades 3, 4, or 5. You will be a Grade 2 until the violation clears up after one week.


No thanks, I’m grade 2 and working up to enough XP for grade 3. If the devs changed the requirements for Expert I’d be upset. Also, I’m not a noob, and look - I’m grade 2. I use charts, fly real world flights with the right callsigns and aircraft, the only reason I’m not in the big leagues is because I’m short on time. I would recommend a mandatory quiz upon reaching grade 3 to get into Expert, things like when to use landing lights or what to tell ATC when they say this.


MaxSez: This Topic has been repeated in different forms since IF was a gleam in the Developers eye and business plan since inception. Over time the need for transition from basic flight to the so called Expert has been a Members goal for most if not all. It’s been a rite of passage at all stages of development. With the introduction of Global its no surprise that the lack of basic airmanship has leaped to the fore again. 90+ Comments thus far, not 1 viable option, other than the need for a machine generated testing transition requirement. Testing has always been the transituing Key. IF had a 747 machine generated landing test back in the day. It measured landing GForce with a pass/fail result. That program could be reintroduced with a few basic revolving ATC questions as the transitioning solution. It deserves a look by the Development Team.

In the interum ATIS should be reintroduced now! Having active rway in use plus wind and weather broadcasted from active Expert Aerodromes available en-route solves the overreactive Approach Pilots Quandary. No more ATC Conga Lines. Approach should use Holding Points like the big kids, it should become standard. These items if coupled with the Test will greese the skids. Bottom line. Fly the damm plane! Don’t waste your wind by bloviating without technical expertise. G’day…


Whilst that is the ideal situation Max, would you have this test EVERY time someone wanted to fly on Exoert or only first time they moved up from G2 to G3 and higher?

My suggestion of including a ratio of both landings to vilotations and also flight time to violations ( both for TT and also last 90 days) whilst not perfect ( need a test for that) would certainly aid towardsit in a relative easy way for the Devs to implement