Expert for grade 4+ only

I love this feature request.

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Rubber duck master race!

I definitely understand where this request is coming from, and I respect it. There are too many Grade 3’s that aren’t exactly “experts” on the Expert Server, which is…well…the opposite of what the Expert Server is for.
But I would have to disagree with this. I feel that making the requirement grade 4 would discourage the newer avgeeks to learn and try to reach expert; some may not even try. I think IF is a great way for people get more engaged into aviation and learn more, but what will they learn if they don’t have the motive to try? Not to mention that people who have reached 4 may not have the time to maintain the grade.
Of course, this means the real pros would have to watch noobs on the same server as them, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a hair pulling experience. But I think there are much better ways to filter the noobs off expert while keeping their motive to learn and keep trying, but that’s for another topic.
The thinking put into the request is definitely in the right direction, and I really can’t understand why people don’t respect that. 🤷


And take a lot of users out of expert server? Not a good move. Than this guys and gals will be complaining that the expert server has no-one in it. Which some are already…

Most of us simply don’t have the time (work, family etc) to keep up the grade 4+ requirements.

Maybe before progressing to expert server there should be a small test or something to show that pilots and atc understand the requirements and also can show that they can effective handle themselves in expert server. This is will likely remove those who cannot fly or control correctly.


I would love some secrets. I just don’t have that kind of time to do Touch and Goes for hours to get my landings up. (In a 90 day period). :-)

As always the Devs have taken note, reacted and ammended the server requirements!

Excellent decsion, lets see how this changes the status quo.


I’m curious of how this is going to work out 🤔

I don’t think there is a need for this request anymore because with the new requirements there are even some Grade 5’s which don’t have access to the Expert Server.


Then surely there is no need for you to comment on it anymore?

I’m hoping the actions taken will work so that we don’t resort to this. It should work fine though, the problem all along is that they were looking at quantity and not quality.


Amen to this. Preach.

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Mods…it’s time to close this thread…now that new expert server guidelines have been initiated and finalized…there is no more need to regurgitate this issue !!!


I am currently restricted from ES. Because I have no ghosting ever I can only assume this is because of my violation / landing count. I can’t seem to how find my total violations count, I’ve checked the Grade info window and also the page with your callsign, XP, flight time etc.

Spawn on Live, then check stats using this. Make sure to set it to Training, or you won’t see yourself.


ok will do. Thanks for the help.

I’m sorry, but I disagree. I do flights like Amsterdam to Singapore and its very long. I have a hella lot of hours but very few landings. And to be honest for the most part, I don’t feel like just doing a landing pattern so that I can reach grade 4. If they could reduce the amount of landings needed for Grade 4, then I would agree 100%. I mean I am capable of doing expert. Many of my friends say that I always “butter the bread” on landings.

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Maybe it would have been a good idea to incorporate an extra scoring algorithm like what “infinite Passengers” use as it is more strict and relevant to how good a pilot is.

I think a better solution would be to raise the requirements for grade 3…

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Even better would be an entrance exam like what they do for ATC in Expert Server. So, they can see if the guy can land correctly and follow the orders correctly.


There’d be way too many people for “them” to approve. In my opinion, the system we have now is just fine.