Expert for grade 4+ only

I gotta agree with @IceBlue, there would be a huge drop in traffic on the expert server in result of this.


No, grade 3 is pretty difficult to come across seeing as you need 39,000 xp from grade 2 (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) to get to grade 3, a lot of pros are in grade 3 because they don’t fly IF a lot, I say no, definitely not voting


Sorry but since I started playing I have never seen this happen with a commercial airliner. Unless they are in a fighter jet. Also he would get a violation for going 300 under FL100. At 4 he would automatically get degraded to Grade 2. ATC on Expert has the power to freely ghost people, meaning even if they are Grade 3 and not following instructions properly they are gonna get kicked out. I have seen alot of Grade 5’s who don’t know what they are doing and don’t follow instructions and some Grade 2’s who fly excellently and follow all instructions by ATC. At the end of the day your grade doesn’t come from your skill imo it comes from how much time you invest into IF as @Kiz said.


Yep. As I said, some of you will agree, many will disagree. This is my opinion and you are all entitled tl your own.

Well, like Kirito said even your Bully’s grandma who is blind can easily get to Grade 3, I would suggest for the Grade 3 req be like this.

XP. 125,000
1000 XP per 10 days
Landings 70
Landings last 30 days 20
Violations (per last 60 days) 15
Violations last week 3
Violations per day 0.
These requirements would make Grade 4 and 5 Bump a little too.
This would be fair imo


Its a good idea, but I think maybe there would just be an amount of violations/ghostings that you could have until you couldn’t get to expert (like maybe 20 violations or somewhere along that line)

Maybe there should be a new grade level in between Grade 2 and Grade 3. This would help separate the people who just fly a lot and don’t follow the rules and the people who actually fly for the reality of life.

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Instead of making it harder to access Expert Server why not just make a server above Expert Server to fill in the gap between TS1. Like “Pro Server” which requires Grade 5 for the finest members only with extreme strict rules.

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Just booked a one year course


They could do that but then there would be not many people on the expert server or on the new server.

No, very bad idea.
I’m a grade 3, never been ghosted, under 100vios and over 500 hours, and IFATC Controllers, is it really fair to punish people who don’t have the time to fly the required time?


I was once ghosted. I pulled about 15Gs while at 450knts and approaching KNUC in a 717 on my first flight…


Poop happens (Thanks G-rated forum)🙄
As long as we all learn and improve it’s all good.

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The exclamation mark were unnecessary. For any further questions please DM.

I think that’s what everyone is getting out of this. I think that maybe devs hand pick the people who deserve to go to Grade 4.

Yeah, not like they arent busy enough now.


This is a pilot who is a grade 4 and has 300 less hours than me, over 150 more violations than me. Does it make him a better pilot than me or @emil or any other grade 3 pilot who has experience and knowledge of the expert server?


I don’t see this helping though because they can still get all the requirements for grade 4 and still screw up. It would need to be something else that grants you access to the exper server


@Kirito_77. MaxSez: I can hear the Grade 3’s cursing your name from here Kiro.
9 months on the platform and you got it all figured out. Greater minds than yours are working the problem in the FDS inner sanctum as we speak. The counts odviously no longer fit the Global Platform. Beside the counts the so called Leader Board needs attention. Like all things FDS, just be patient, all good things come to those who wait…


I would agree entirely, but instead of making the expert server harder to get, make the grade three requirements a lot more difficult.

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