Expert for grade 4+ only

Hey guys, kiro here
Through all my time in this community, I have never made a feature request. So I thought, I had to do something important.
It’s all in the title what I am requesting, It might not get 200 votes, it might not even get 2. However this feature request addresses an issue that has been raised by many pilots over a couple of VAs and discord sessions.
Since the release of global, XP has become a ton easier to gain. Where 2000xp used to be an incredible amount to achieve in one flight, it has become the norm. Sadly, this has also sparked an increase in grade 3 pilots with no idea as to what they are doing. Now, that doesn’t speak for all grade 3s. Many of them are surprisingly experienced. However, the majority think that patterns are flown at 300ts, cruise altitude is 8000ft, you call inbound 2nm away from an airport and that you intercept the ILS at 30000ft.
If that doesn’t generate a picture for you… Well, I hope this does.
Grades 4 and 5 are not the easiest to achieve due to the high landing requirements and no violations, however, expert is open to anyone grade 3 and above.
The actual objective of this feature request is really simple. Change the expert requirements to allow only grade 4 and 5 pilots onto the server. This is a small fix to a large problem, and I see no reason why it couldn’t be implemented sooner rather than later
And for the mods out there, it would also reduce the “HELP MEEEEEEEE” topics, and for expert ATC also reduce the amount of ghosting on the server.
So go ahead and vote/ don’t vote.
You may not all agree with me, but there is a large majority of expert pilots that would appreciate this change
Kiro out.

Please also take note of this
(Problems with the Features Category)
BTW sick and tired of people consistently posting “I don’t want this” sort of comments. If you don’t want it, please just ignore it. Cheers

What about grades 6+…

33 Likes you need to take so many classes here


Now as nice as this might be, I personally would not appreciate this for I am grade 3. Maybe devs could up the requirements for grade 3.
EDIT: I am now grade 4 so…


Oh Misha…classic Misha…I wasn’t trying to be funny btw. I was actually confused about grades 6+


Spend a little time upping your landings then ;)

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Why so savage Misha lol

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Fine Misha…I’ll pull off a Seb…credits to Seb for this one: “were your parents drinking whiskey when they named you?”


I guess your right. I’m just not a fan of doing touch and goes for an hour. Lol.


Oh it is not that difficult, let me PM you some secrets


Experience != Maturity. There are G3s who follow the rules and ATC perfectly, and G5s who do what they like.

The only thing this would effect, is that there would be less traffic and more people stuck on TS1, who follow instructions and deserve to be on expert.


Go ahead! I’d Love to hear the secrets.

I have to disagree with you on this one. The Grade 4/5 pilots are those that fly frequently. Because a pilot is grade 4 doesn’t make them any better than grade 3 pilots because most grade 3 pilots have fewer landings because they are busy. Fewer landings doesn’t mean that they have a deficiency in skills. Quality over quantity. The best compromise in this situation is to lower the Grade 4 requirements in order to fit in the experienced grade 3’s. Lastly, there should be an introduction of a landing to violation ratio.

This is not going to end up well.


Very good point @Kiz. Always quality over quantity!


I gotta agree with @IceBlue, there would be a huge drop in traffic on the expert server in result of this.


No, grade 3 is pretty difficult to come across seeing as you need 39,000 xp from grade 2 (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) to get to grade 3, a lot of pros are in grade 3 because they don’t fly IF a lot, I say no, definitely not voting


Sorry but since I started playing I have never seen this happen with a commercial airliner. Unless they are in a fighter jet. Also he would get a violation for going 300 under FL100. At 4 he would automatically get degraded to Grade 2. ATC on Expert has the power to freely ghost people, meaning even if they are Grade 3 and not following instructions properly they are gonna get kicked out. I have seen alot of Grade 5’s who don’t know what they are doing and don’t follow instructions and some Grade 2’s who fly excellently and follow all instructions by ATC. At the end of the day your grade doesn’t come from your skill imo it comes from how much time you invest into IF as @Kiz said.


Yep. As I said, some of you will agree, many will disagree. This is my opinion and you are all entitled tl your own.

Well, like Kirito said even your Bully’s grandma who is blind can easily get to Grade 3, I would suggest for the Grade 3 req be like this.

XP. 125,000
1000 XP per 10 days
Landings 70
Landings last 30 days 20
Violations (per last 60 days) 15
Violations last week 3
Violations per day 0.
These requirements would make Grade 4 and 5 Bump a little too.
This would be fair imo


Its a good idea, but I think maybe there would just be an amount of violations/ghostings that you could have until you couldn’t get to expert (like maybe 20 violations or somewhere along that line)