Expert flying in Casusl

Good Afternoon IFC! A few days ago I announced my return to Infinite Flight. Back in the day I was able to plan a flight and what not in a couple minutes but being out of practice and wanting to make sure I performed at my grade 4 level I use to be at (now I’m at grade 1), I sat down and pulled up all my tabs I use to:,, and after some prep I was all ready for my first legit flight since being gone. I hope you enjoy and I apologize for the sub grade photos.

Flight: KPHL- MMUN
Server: Casual (I’m coming for you Expert)

Taking off out of KPHL

Flying over Dover Airforce base
(Amazing museum BTW)

Turning around the tip of Florida, KMIA under my right wing

Nothing like the beautiful water off the coast

After a short hop over the Gulf, Mexico appeared under Flight AA1162

Turning base for Runway 17R

Extending the gear with the runway not too far out

Seconds before touching down

Looks like I forgot to flare!

I hope you enjoy them and please let me know of any feedback you have in terms of bettering me as a pilot just by looking at these photos if you have any.

I always love long discussion threads so if you have thoughts at all or just want to talk about aviation, I’m your guy! Message me if you would be interested in flying sometime as well!


Hello There!

You have 2 photos that violate the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Next time before you post, make sure you read the rules. I have linked all the rules of this category down below!

Other than this, good photos, and I cannot wait to see you on ES soon!

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I thought it may violate them but I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t find that link. Thank you and I fixed it!

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These are great pics.

Super close! Just remove the tool bar on the bottom of the image, and for future reference, use the in game screenshot mechanic. You go into replays, there should be a camera on the bottom of the screen, press that, and it take a photo in HD with no HUD, side bars tool bars non of that.

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Awesome thank you!

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