Expert Communication

so guys i’ve just earned my Training Server degree and have progressed to the holy grail that is the Expert Server…should I expect immediate ghosting if I make a mistake/tell the ATC the wrong info? I don’t really know what to say/ask always , especially in the post-takeoff stage when you transfer to departure


IFATC won’t ghost you as long as you follow instructions and don’t interfere with others.

If you’d like to make our jobs WAY easier, do check out the #tutorials page. Lots of great stuff there.

Also, expedite means hurry up ;)

Welcome to expert!


Take a look at the #tutorials section.
There’s plenty of information such as basic ATC, patterns, etc. Everything you’d need for the Expert server.

And yes, you will get ghosted if you don’t follow instructions, so make sure to follow them!


thanks for the quick replies. I couldn’t find anything detailed on contacting approach…what i’ve done in TS so far is climb to around 800 feet, switch to social departure if available (regardless if ATC instructs me to transfer) and check in. then I say request flight following to (KFLL for example). ATC prob responds continue on course. I say ok, then eventually disconnect when I leave airport airspace

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Heres the page to check out. All ATC tutorials you’ll possibly need to prepare yourself for the Expert servers!


Definitely heck out the link @AlphaSeven sent. In addition though, don’t change frequency unless ATC instructs you to.


Also please dont request takeoff “remaining in the pattern” if you plan to depart elsewhere :)


lool. dw i know.

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Just as a tip, you only need to check in if you’re flying a jet and have a flight plan filed which you wish to follow. It may be advisable to only request flight following when you’re in a General Aviation aircraft and are flying VFR.

Additionally, if you are in a General Aviation aircraft and are flying VFR, you don’t need to check in at first, simply request flight following :)

so lets say im going to fly from LGA to FLL with a flight plan created.
i check in to NY departure, and say nothing else?

Yes, that would be correct. ATC might issue vectors to avoid a conflict with other aircraft though, so just make sure to follow those.


Regarding switching frequencies on your own: do not do that.

From any frequency.


Huh? You don’t need to state your intentions when you go to the depature frequency if you have a flight plan filed?

@Humars when you’re switched to departure frequency, and have a flight plan set, simply ‘check in’ to departure. This would imply that you have a flight plan filed which you wish to follow.

Oh alright, thank you.

Flight following is for VFR flight. We don’t use it that way exclusively in IF, but technically, if you’re in a commercial jet flying an IFR flight plan, which you must if you plan to cruise above FL180, FF is not really applicable. That’s in RWA. We use it interchangeably in IF. But there’s no need to tell us your destination. We see it.

What’s most inportant is doing one thing.

What happens a lot is people take off, then they start making incremental altitude requests, which are wholly unnecessary unless departure uses them for traffic avoidance, then requests FF. If you want to follow your flight plan, just check in and do it, or if you feel like requesting FF, okay, but start with that, not all the extraneous stuff in between.


Oh alright, thanks for the help!

Good luck with Expert server .
I not want scared you but You will be ghosted first 3 months .
After that we will be fine .

Pro tip- if ATC tells you follow instructions or you will be ghosted and you don’t know why, leave the game. It’s a far better alternative to ghosting. IFATC only ghosts if your mistakes are causing problems.

Flight following is for VFR, radar vectors are for IFR or you can just check in and if there’s traffic they’ll temporarily vector you away from them.

Interesting take. There are a tons of us on here who have transitioned to expert server and never been reported/ghosted. Understand procedures, follow instructions, don’t interfere and you will have nothing to worry about and wont be reported.