Expert ATC

So i wanted to get in touch with recruiter regarding expert ATC, i wasn’t sure how to massage them directly but i know the person i need to contact. @Declan is the recruiter in Australia.

Hey. That would be because you are TL0 on the forum, you must be TL1 to message people.



I’m the guy you’re looking for. Once you reach all the requirements, including Trust level on the community then you will be able to send me a PM.

The list of requirements can be found in the topic linked below:

Can’t wait to get you on board shortly!


Hi there @Declan_O . I have a quick question regarding IFATC Recruriting. I am planning to contact a recruiter soon to apply for IFATC

What do you mean by level of experience? Is It how long I have flew flights in IF or how long I have controlled ATC? (in years)?
Thank you!

If you take a look at the topic that I’ve linked above then it will explain what the requirements are for joining IFATC.

Make sure you meet all of them before contacting a recruiter.

Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

Thanks people. Looking forward to it.

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