Expert ATC

Can someone show me the instructions for Expert ATC?

What was the message prior to that? Can you explain in a little more depth?

Check out the #tutorials section of the forum. It is filled with videos and information about how to interact with ATC. Also I highly recommend the controller who sent you that and ask for their insight. That way we make sure you understand exactly it was you did wrong.

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I reported I was in Final for 31R at DFW & ATC sent that message

Were you already cleared to land?

How come he is flying 255kts at 2000ft. No violations?

There’s a 5-6 knot grace before it gives you violations. I think 257 is when you start getting warnings.

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I’m the controller. Please DM me. :)


@Joseph007 Never tried it, never will. Good to know

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Don’t know about that now. As soon as you hit 251 you get your 20 second warning to slow down. I assume he did get violations over this flight.

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