EXPERT ATC Videos (not a ghosting question)

So, is there any IFATC controllers out there who stream their sessions to YouTube or twitch so people like me can watch them and get tips.

Maybe a little message on the IFATC slack to see who do it and who can offer it to us idk .

I don’t know whether there is a topic specifically for it :)


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I know some of us do, but you’ll have to do some digging because I haven’t seen a thread like that in a while.


Hey mate, I have watch some of @Chief305 :
It’s such a good YT channel!

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Thanks so much!

Here is another one for you !

Thats IFATC Dylan Strijker Channel!

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Check out @Trio’s ATCEG sessions below. Fantastic work by him and he keeps posting regularly. You will find it all really helpful I can assure you that. I personally learnt a lot from here


I know that @GHamsz has some quality videos of his sessions as well. Not sure where they are but the search feature could find them.


Just want to preface, the majority of the videos are videos of fellow IFATC controllers controlling, not just me. :)

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