Wassup guys. Just failed my ATC test with 72% lol. Is there any other resources that we use apart from the ATC manual because I don’t think the ATC manual by itself is enough to pass. Thoughts?


It is totally ok. Remember, practice makes perfect. I believe you will do a great job.

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Keep studying the manual. It’s just like a school or university exam. The more time you read, more chance you have to pass. Additionaly, you can watch the ATC tutorials and keep controlling :)

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Thanks haha. I memorised the whole ATC manual then I saw some questions I was like what 😂


Thanks bro. I studied the whole manual but I don’t think it’s enough to pass. I think some of the knowledge is intuitive from playing inside the game


Check out this reply from @ToasterStroodie on another topic similar to this one. I find it really helpful and clear.

didn’t see you replying 🙈 sorry


To add on to Patrick’s reply:

This may sound really simple, but it can work. Draw things out on paper. If you’re given a scenario, visualizing how it works can often help you understand it much better. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily a misunderstanding of the manual, but just simply not getting a clear picture of what a question is asking.

It’s been a while since my written test, but the questions do have a bit of a critical and logical thinking aspect to it. You’ll have to take what is explained in the manual and then apply it to various situations.

Feel free to review your questions you got wrong with your recruiter. They’ll be happy to explain why they were wrong and why the correct answer is correct.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with. :)

Just a small edit: putting what you’ve read and watched into practice by opening up an airport and/or creating a tracking thread can help you understand concepts a lot, and it is a great chance to get valuable feedback.


This is the most important part to consider. Although the manual is the source for a lot of the questions you see on the test, some will ask you to interpret what you would do in a given scenario based on what the manual says you can do.


Hey there. Just do some practice test until you get 100% also really go over the written one which u didn’t go over. Chances are they may be a similar question when you retest

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Thank you bro. I got 100% on the practice haha, but yeah I’ll definitely look at the questions again. I’m going for 100 in the retest

Thanks bro. That makes sense

Tests are an inefficient way to test someone’s intelligence… it’s just to show how much you can remember…72% is more than enough to show that you have a brain and can learn. They should allow you to continue with a little more practice instead of “failing” you. Just a thought.

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Fair enough, but the test asks questions that consider scenarios you can and will face as a controller on the Expert Server… and there’s a lot less time to think about what you’ll do when you’re actively controlling. I think the test has a fair cutoff because it mostly asks about real scenarios. If a prospective controller can’t answer enough of the written questions, they’ll be set up to struggle when they’re actually controlling.

TL;DR, the test isn’t pure memorization. It asks about real situations that take some thinking.


Haha that test hurt my pride lol. I have an engineering degree 🤣
Now I have to wait 2 weeks to do it again. It’s all good though, I’ll get it next time!

I get where you’re coming from but I think some people just perform better practically than during theory. It’s like having a mechanic who doesn’t know anything in an engineering exam but give him the car and he’ll fix it within minutes. I think the test is a way of maybe controlling the application numbers because I’m sure if there was no test EVERYONE would be lining up to do the practical and it could be difficult to CONTROL the numbers, no pun intended 🤣

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Thank you bro!!! Next time I’ll ace it for sure

I’m sure IFATC would like as many controllers as is possible, without compromising a high level of quality controlling. The written exam is the first step for your recruiter to see if you have what it takes to pass it. It also is an incentive to study the user guide and tutorials hard, so that you have a good knowledge of controlling for both the written exam, and thereafter. That’s why the written exam is so important.

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Yes I agree with you man. You’re 100% right, I just think some people can be bad with tests but good in practice. However after what I’ve seen in IF a test is definitely a good idea. I’ve heard someone transitioning people at 35 000ft ☺️

Open atc tracking and learn something new :)

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What is ATC tracking ?

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