Expert ATC Schedule - VOTE NOW! [RD1•Top25]


at least mine looked decent. but it wasnt up there…


The reason yours, and many others, aren’t there is probably because you didn’t follow the instructions. The map had to show country names, colours had to be distinct, etc.

Don’t worry, I also made that mistake and it cost me the chance to be there.

And regardless, we should be thankful we have this opportunity in the first place!


i will dm you what my map looked like


Oh, mine actually got qualified this far. I’m just happy to be apart of this and i say, Good Luck to everyone else. I’m sure no matter who’s gets picked, it’ll be great/enjoyable 😊

And on a side note… Happy Birthday Tyler 🎂


Great Schedules dropped in… surely something cool will win, looking forward to see the Winner 👍🏼


I like the one that is the US all week because the majority users of the CRJ are US airlines. I would like it when the CRJ comes out.


These polls are very close. Winner will probably win by a fraction of a point. Overall good picks by the community!!


I liked mine the best, but Tyler didn’t. Ah maybe next time (@Tyler_Shelton you better do this again or I swear to… 😂)



😂 Sorry, I just had to. Lots of great choices to choose from.


Yaa you go man!
@DeerCrusher #ForTheWin


Wow @DeerCrusher a official meddling in elections. This is nearly as big a scandel as when Laura interfered in Aircraft vote in #A350Gate 😮.



Tis’ ATC Schedule campaigning. Nothing more. 😅


No l think it is much more important than that… it might be necessary to hire a special prosecutor to investigate the possibility of election tampering and or other criminal malfeasance since there at least appears to be elements of collusion involved…VoteTeamDeerCrusher !!!


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