Expert ATC Schedule • 28 May-3 Jun 18

Wow I’ll be sure to fly the CRJ at least once during the week 😁

Very oriented schedule, as expected from you Tyler 👍🏽

A great way to encourage us to fly the CRJ with specific liveries in their original region ✌🏽

I personally haven’t flown the CRJ much other than on Solo, practicing with it… Landing and Takeoff. So this is really a great amount of encouragement for me to try out the CRJ (in traffic) while surrounded by other fellow pilots and having ATC controlling.


Am I dreaming? I open slack and IFC to find out we’re featured for once! Thanks so much, Tyler!!!


DTW to KCVG with ATC is going to be amazing

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For once OKC will have ATC!!! Cant wait to enjoy my hometown Airport to it’s fullest potential!!!

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If you guys are looking for a long haul to KCVG, you can do a few DHL routes, WOW Air’s flight from BIKF-KCVG, or Delta’s flight from LFPG-KCVG. Really hoping to see a lot of traffic on Sunday.

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Might do lej-cvg with aerologic

Finally my local airport is included EGAA!!!

I can’t wait for tomorrow to fly a new CRJ nordica livery in EETN or EPWA!

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I forgot to mention that United and American also have CRJs at KCVG, in case you aren’t a Delta fan (which is not good, but hey).

Yup, it’s not good at all that i’ve only flown Delta twice since the release of Global, hope to get one up in the air this week ;)

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PS Expert Server just went down.

Happy For The Schedule. Looking forward to see all of you in Poland tommorow ;)

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Wait a minute @Tyler_Shelton

How is KCVG featured, if Kentucky isn’t highlighted!!! 🤔🤷‍♂️🤫

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But Cincinatti is in Ohio…

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Yes, but the Airport is in Kentucky. That’s the problem. Whoever designed it really wasn’t too keen on the state. 😂


You could go to Lunken if you wanted. Nice GA airport that gets a decent ammount of traffic.

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Ahh I see your point. Well that’s a good question.

Because @Joe lives in Kentucky and that would make him too happy to have it highlighted. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Ah. I’m fine, as long as CVG has ATC, I am a happy man. Thanks, Tyler. 👍

why noting on friday?

Because it’s Friday Night Flight (FNF) then. Details about that even will be disclosed later during the week.