Expert ATC Schedule • 26 Feb - 4 Mar

If you want to find a suitable area that isn’t in the middle of Siberia that doesn’t have any class bravos, good luck.


IFATC usually open the airfields with heavy inbound traffic. If we open up IF and see 60 inbounds to EGLL and 1 inbound to EGKK, why would we open EGKK?

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New Zealand wow great stuff 😁😁


Well maybe people fly to EGLL because they know you will open up ATC there if there is enough planes. If you opened up EGKK for a long enough time instead of EGLL, maybe it would be the other way around?
I do not want to argue, but I though the whole point of this was to encourage people to fly to new places and have ATC that doesn’t just up and leave.

And it doesn’t have to be without Bravo class airports, but there are Bravo airports that simply doesn’t get any attention.

Im going to stop this now as neither of us are willing to see it from the others perspective and this will only lead to more unless argumentation…

I’ve sat on EGKK T&G for an hour and seen a total of 2 pilots before. I see where you’re coming from, but it’s also on the pilots to fly somewhere new.

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And thats what I am trying to get to here, I am not blaming the controllers, but I say they are a factor.

My two cents:

I don’t know what EGKK is. Yes, I could do a google search and find out that it’s Gatwick. EGLL, on the other hand needs no search because it’s so popular. Yes, plenty of people know about Gatwick but it’s tough to find someone that doesn’t know what London-Heathrow is.

My point is that people want to fly to the places they know, and most everyone knows EGLL, KJFK, KLAX, ect. IF is about having fun, and how fun is it to control an airport with just a handful of pilots over the span of hours. IF is a product, and if you want your product to succeed, you give it’s comsumers what they want. This schedule is reflective of Tyler and others paying attention to habits and desires of the pilots, then producing the schedule accordingly.


On Saturday I opened up LIML (which is a pretty decently sized airport). I was there for about 2 and half hours and I got some decent traffic, BUT the nearby LIMC, with no atc, had similar if not more traffic than me. Why? Because Malpensa is more well known. It will always be like this. We always try and open up less used airports but when you get 5 ops in an hour is it really worth it? We are also human and we get bored just as easy as anyone else. So when you see EGLL and EGCC with 30 inbounds each, and an open EGPF and EIDW, fly between those too, not London-Manchester.


You may get a better understanding of why controllers prefer to control “well-known” airports, if you were to go control an empty airport for one hour. I love the schedule as always Tyler. 👍


Everyone seems upset about the big airports, but this isnt all bad, say you are doing an over night flight, and say england is in the scedual flying to Heathrow you are almoast guaranteed ATC, but with smaller airports there are like 8 that are the same sort of regonal airport the controllers could choose, so you play a bit of a lotery, Alternatively for thise who like to fly real routes most of the real routes with large airplanes, and longer flights are out of LAX or JFK etc.

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Going to try and do my best to open up the Faroe Islands Wednesday…going to be fun!..and different!


And I will be there!

@ErikC17 They only open up the big fields because they want more traffic to be satisfied. This is the downside to giant regions that do not have gaps in them.

If, for example, there were to be a region that consisted of California, Washington State, New York State, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida only, then there might be a bigger appreciation for the ignored fields, such as KLGB, KBWI, KTTN, KISP, KFLL, and KJAX. It would also allow for a better sized region so pilots could expect where to go for ATC.

The same goes for a region that might consist of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Illinois, and Iowa. Airports like KECP, KBHM, KSHV, KMLI, and KDSM would also have the potential to get some positive attention from this. LARGER REGIONS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. SPOTTY REGIONS MIGHT BE, HOWEVER


Its not only flying anyware, but flying anware FROM anyware, that is why regons are gone, and everyone wnats to keep it that way

Goong back to regons is vouter productive, why would one want to go back to that, I feel that it is not that bad that big airports get all the attention

So lets get back to talking about whare we will fly, and stop just being mad, be glad that we have ATC that is verru helpfull, and good at what they do

You say that but realistically you’d have KMIA, KATL, KSEA, and KLAX open because that’s where the traffic is…

It’s just as frustrating for me too. We’ve tried much smaller places but we’re still drawn to the same airports that existed with regions. I’ll never understand that.

Anyways, appreciate the feedback. I’ll keep making adjustments both in size and location of regions. No matter what schedule is posted someone won’t like it so we just have to keep up the diversity and hope the controllers and pilots are willing to branch out.


I like the idea of having 1 (maximum 2) country on the schedule, like Spain in this case. Allows people to fly to the controlled larger field(s) but also can near enough guarentee that the smaller, less explored airports can be opened. With the amount of controllers we have, it’ll save them operating each countries main hubs if there are a collection of countries included. In Spains case LEMD and/or LEBL will most likely be open, thats a given. But when those slots are taken up controllers can explore other smaller airfields, because they won’t have to look to another countries main class bravo’s to man. Huge emphasis on pilots to help this too obviously. Looking forward to this week!

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New Zealand for one day? Ohh this is going to be incredibly busy with such a small area


That was more of rage (or a drill sergeant rage, pun intended) than a rant right there😂😂