Expert ATC Schedule • 26 Feb - 4 Mar

I’m going to experiment with something along those lines at some point next weekend or early next week.

Where’s the New Zealand ATC???
Hoping to do some flights

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NZAA is open and I’ll get NZQN in a little over an hour

@AndrewRG10 did a great job controlling nzqn today - well done 🙂


I know your comment is a little old, but I’ll like to give you my analysis.

I know for a fact that the reason that class charlie airports are not getting opened, and only bravo’s are getting activity is because of the issue of predictability. For example, me. I would have absolutely no problem flying to Jacksonville, or Doncaster, or Lyon, or Dresden, or Sapporo. The reason I don’t fly and probably won’t fly to those airports is because I don’t know what to expect.

For example, if a scheduled is released with specific airports, I think you will start seeing people flying there. I will. Imagine, a scheduled it released where on Thursday you have 9 airports: KLGA, KJAX, KMOB, KBWI, KSAV, KPIT, KCHS, KPVD, and KBUF. Now, absolutely everyone knows where to fly to expect and they will start flying there. The reason I only fly to class bravos is because I can 100% guarantee there will be ATC. But what if I fly to KSJC, will there be ATC? I don’t know. Maybe. But it’s risky, so I prefer to stay safe and fly to somewhere I can guarantee there is ATC.


Well, now you hurt my feelings with KSJC. XD My glorious home airport!

I fly to KSJC regularly and you don’t have to always fly with ATC. Many people are attracted to airports with ATC, so if someone likes @KSJCRampAgent opens up KSJC, within the next 30 minutes, there could be a swarm of airplanes.

If FNF features KSJC, the airport would be maxed out.

This is why I am hosting an event with Southwest Airlines that features KSJC. You should join it to help fill the airport.

As mentioned earlier, I’m trialing an airport schedule on my own initiative at some point this weekend to see what effect it has. I’ll figure out exactly what I’m doing within a couple of days.

Feel free to nominate any airport (that’s not commonly visited, aka: JFK, LAX, etc) you want me to open in the US this weekend via PM. I’ll pick a few from those in addition to ones I want to open.

I came up with it as a generic “second class” airport, that is close to SFO but doesn’t get any traffic.

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If only there were a lot of ATC for KSJC. Then the small airport would boom. There are just not enough IFATC or TSATC interest in opening up small, and less popular airports.

Not really.

I opened Orly for 6 hours on Sunday.

What did everyone do? Landed at De Gaulle.

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Exactly. That’s part of the problem. If a schedule is released that says France will be available, it is a lot safer to fly to CDG than ORY. However, it’s not that I want to avoid Orly because it’s not popular. It’s just risky. If they released a schedule with ORY explicitly mentioned in it, I would not hesitate to fly there.


Unfortunately, I’m super busy this week otherwise I would have loved to control for you!

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That’s why I think that if the developers want smaller Class Charlie airports to be popular, they would have to either mention them specifically, or feature them in a FNF.

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Except…they are 20 miles apart. Easily adjusted for.

[Plus I was there for 6 hours. These were all people that departed knowing Orly was open and CDG not and they still chose the hub.]

Sure, but if I takeoff from IAD on a United 789, for example, I will fly to CDG. United doesn’t fly to Orly. Same goes for the majority of short hauls.

And regarding the 6 hours, I am not a magician. If I see that LFPO is open in the home page, I have no idea when it will go offline. It might as well close as soon as I spawn, or when I start descending, or while I’m planning the flight.

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Same thing with LFPG since ATC isn’t always available to control.

I don’t think you got what Tim is trying to say.

But if you don’t want to fly into Orly “because realism,” that’s perfectly fine.


Then… what is Tim trying to say? What I’m saying is that there is an unpredictability. If I say, for example, that on Wednesday I am going to fly London Gatwick to Edimburgh. Why not Aberdeen? Why not Inverness? Why not Isle Of Man? Why not Doncaster? Why not Jersey? Because I have no idea if they will be open, and when I am confronted with a choice, I would rather choose the ATC.

Might be able to make it to NZ tonight.

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Ill be opening up my hometown of Dublin tomorrow for a couple of hours. Hoping i can get some decent traffic!