Expert ATC Schedule • 26 Feb - 4 Mar

Are you wondering where the Expert Server controllers will be each day of the week? Check out their schedule below!

Pilots and controllers are strongly encouraged to explore and open new airports, avoiding the classic Class Bravos. Again… open something new!!!

NOTE: Region changes will still occur at 0600Z beginning this week to better align with the US/EU natural activity break.

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.

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Great looking schedule Tyler!


Dont forget to swing by the airports opened in today’s region!


Awesome! Ill go ahead and visit the regions during the week… I’ve done pattern work with the same IFATC Controller every time I go on expert.

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Awesome schedule! Tuesday and Friday should be cool.


Can’t wait to control Heathrow Approach (London Director) again… so cool, cheers Tyler!

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In real life, it’s more like “London Dictator” than “London Director” ;)


I don’t think they would be allowed to say “BAW19F, contact London Dictator on 120.4… um good day”

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Nice, the Continental United States on both Saturday and Sunday! Great schedule!


Can’t wait to fly into CYVR tomorrow!

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Great schedule as always!

Hey look, another week inclusive of the US

Wonder when will you guys not do US for one week(Including Hawaii and Alaska). That will be a huge change after at least a month inclusive of United States. Maybe put Africa in its place?

Thanks for the schedule anyways

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I’ve had multiple weeks without the US, but let’s face it, the majority of our users are here in the United States as well.

Every other country and area has also had its time. Can’t please them all and you’re welcome to explore other places as well!


Wednesday in Greenland. Might be the perfect time to test the SuperD’s reaction to cold weather!

I will also be doing a flight from KLAX-KCVG on Saturday. Woohoo!

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This is really nice. Only one thing. Why do We have to have the UK again in the schedule? It only means that 80% of the ATC will be in the UK, more specifically Heathrow. I have nothing against flying to and from and in the UK, but it doesnt exactly make it very fun when you could be flying in Greenland (or Iceland) but there is no atc so there is very little traffic which means it wont be as fun. Other than that, I like it.

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That’s why Tyler said that :)


Honestly, man… you guys control the schedule just as much. Don’t want Heathrow? Stop spawning and flying there.

A great deal of time and effort goes into these schedules only to be followed with complaints. Simply support those smaller fields when you see them open. I see it every day regardless of the region. Hawaii active? I see 60 inbounds to Honolulu and 2 to Kona.

No support is given to the controllers consistently trying to branch out so no wonder they just open the big fields? At least then they won’t be bored.

//end rant.


Very nice schedule Tyler. Can’t wait to try it out ;)
For the others asking about other regions, good things come to those who wait.

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I am not flying there anymore but It always ends in the same way, no people that fly= no controllers. No controllers= no people that fly there. Im only saying that it could possibly, without any guarantee what so ever make a difference if places like EGLL where not even in the area of the schedule.

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