Expert ATC Schedule • 22-28 Jan 18

Yay! will be flying to Aruba from EWR in real life soon so that is awesome!

CYUL is Open!

Suggested Routes:
CYUL - CYYZ - Air Canada/Westjet
CYUL - BIKF - WOW Air/IcelandAir/Air Canada
CYUL-TNCC - Air Canada (IFATC Will Be Controlling Region In Approx 3 Hours)

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I’ll stop by to fly to Toronto!

On my way to Dallas Fort Worth for tomorrow’s ATC session.
Track me Emirates 2 2 1 Heavy @

Bogota El Dorado is now open! Come to here and enjoy the sceneries around this airport! ;)

Suggested Routes

  • SKBO-SBGL : Avianca (6h 15m)
  • SKBO-SEQM : Avianca (1h 45m)
  • SKBO-MGGT : Avianca (3h 20m)

Lastly, see you there and have fun! I’ll try to open as long as long as possible


Thank you for the ATC! Really cool to see how South America is currently being serviced. Now onward to SKCL!

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My pleasure, I was told by @Jonathan_limento to open this airport haha. And Bogota seems to be an interesting airport with mountains on the end of 31R. Thanks for coming to here by the way :D

I agree with you, it’s nice to see South America being opened today. With lots of interesting airports to visit


awesome list here - looking forward to flying tmr

Cool list! Anyone know what airport will be available in 5hours?

Im flying to bogota and I’m ariving in 6 hours. Will atc be availabe when I land?

It depends on whether or not a controller will be controlling there. You can’t request IFATC to be somewhere. Not how it works.

Im not requesting Im asking if there will be ATC when I land.

Answered right here.

I’m not IFATC but I would imagine SBGR and/or SBGL will be open.

México is now Open! Here are the suggested routes:

Mexico City - Houston (United, 2 hours)
Mexico City - Quito (Aeroméxico, 4.5 hours)
Mexico City - Los Angeles (American Airlines, 4 hours)

Fly these routes, your routes or some patterns.

EDIT: now closed, thanks for coming

Chaotic at Sao Paulo right now, been waiting to depart for 20 minutes.