Expert ATC Schedule • 22-28 Jan 18

Agreed Blu we have good destinations this week

Why isn’t Qatar included on Wednesday? I mean it’s not green colored like rest of the region.
Other than that, Great schedule as always. Looking forward to fly to South America 🛫

Edit: I know that Wednesday isn’t only for Middle East region but it feels like Qatar is the odd one out while the rest of surrounding area is covered.

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Sheesh, you guys catch everything. 😐


Obviously meant to be included. Qatar will be open as well. 🙂


Oh yes!!! IFPHG represent! 🇵🇭

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Land at RPMD and catch a glimpse of Mt Apo and its neighboring peek Mt Talomo. Mt Apo is the heighest volcano and peak in the Philippines.


Is it a dream? I see Indonesia on the map! ❤✈🇮🇩

Thanks alot Tyler for this! This week is simply one of the best in my opinion. I’ll make sure to open WIII if I’m not so busy tonight! 😊


Going to be doing some KLM B77W EHAM - WMKK tonight/tomorrow :) hoping for some IFATC 😏

The one time I get violations, South East Asia is opened 😭 Have fun guys!


@Tyler_Shelton Hoping for MROC to have ATC on Sunday. Would love to do a flight around there.

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Even though I have the option to depin this from its global setting…I never do lol. I use this schedule so much now. Worth keeping at the top!

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Same, I always keep the ATC scheduled pinned

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It’s so useful and I hate having to dig through the mountains of threads to find it haha (yes I know I can just go to live_atc category but I always forget). This way is just so much easier.

Finally Indonesia! Thank you Tyler!
I’m currently traveling by plane and seeing this announcement is just so great! 😍😍

Anyway, which Indonesia airports will be controlled and what time?

VIDP - Delhi Open on the Expert Server :)
EDIT - Closed

Wonderful to see the new Schedule! Take it easy fellow Pilots


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How do you apply for IFATC?

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I’m opening my local airport again now, Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport (WIII) in Indonesia. Please come here and have some patterns here. The weather is currently good (Although it’s cloudy IRL) now, maybe this will be the only time I can control on my home country and my local airport haha

If you are one of the folks that love realism, I’m going to share a little information about what airline serves Jakarta with the terminal they are serving from

  • Singapore Airlines - Terminal 2
  • Malaysia Airlines - Terminal 2
  • AirAsia - Terminal 2
  • Lion - Terminal 1
  • Garuda - Terminal 3
  • China Airlines - Terminal 3
  • Saudia - Terminal 3
  • Korean Air - Terminal 3
  • Thai - Terminal 2
  • Asiana - Terminal 2
  • Vietnam Airlines - Terminal 3
  • Cathay Pacific - Terminal 2
  • Xiamen - Terminal 2
  • Qantas - Terminal 2
  • Scoot - Terminal 2
  • Jetstar Asia - Terminal 2
  • ANA - Terminal 2
  • JAL - Terminal 2
  • China Southern - Terminal 2
  • Air China - Terminal 2
  • KLM - Terminal 3
  • Qatar - Terminal 2
  • Etihad - Terminal 2
  • Emirates - Terminal 2

Some routes suggestion :

  • WIII-WSSS - Garuda, Singapore, AirAsia, Lion, Scoot (Tigerair), Jetstar (Asia), Batik (1h 45m)
  • WIII-WMKK - Garuda, Malaysia, Batik, Lion, KLM, AirAsia (2h)
  • WIII-WADD - Garuda, Lion, AirAsia (1h)
  • WIII-WARR - Garuda, Lion, AirAsia (1h)
  • WIII-VHHH - Garuda, Cathay, China Airlines (4h 45m)
  • WIII-YSSY - Garuda, Qantas (7h 10m)

Lastly, have fun!

Fun Fact of the day

WIII-WSSS is one of the busiest international routes in the world, listed as the Top 10 Busiest in 2017

Edit : I have closed after 2 hours of controlling. I did enjoy controlling WIII and looking forward to control this airport again in the future. Once again, Thanks for those who have spared their time to come to this session 😊

Also, huge thanks to Tyler and other ATC Moderators who are making this week’s schedule . I do hope to control in my home airport again and I’m looking forward to control other airports in this week and weeks ahead


About 2 hours out of WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) and loving every minute. We’re over some gorgeous islands right now. No ATC yet but a blast flying this route :)

Amazing opportunity to do the Quito Experience! Also, Santos Dumont in Rio!


Thursday manning of Zurich (LSZH) tower seems appropriate given the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

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