Expert ATC Schedule • 19-25 Feb 18

Are you wondering where the Expert Server controllers will be each day of the week? Check out their schedule below!

Pilots and controllers are strongly encouraged to explore and open new airports, avoiding the classic Class Bravos. Again… open something new!!!

NOTE: Region changes will occur at 0600Z beginning this week to better align with the US/EU natural activity break.

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.

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Did some say amazing Balklands flying? Oh good they did. Great schedule!


Yes! SEA will be opened. Last time I was on TS because of violations.


nice schedule! hopefully Indonesian airport will get IFATC attention on Tuesday :)

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Happy to see South East Asia in the schedule!


Anchorage - Juneau, beautiful flight for Wednesday!


Good job @Tyler_Shelton!!

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Fantastic Schedule , this will be a wonderful week 😊😊👍


Has the airline specific schedule been discontinued?

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Yes it has… :)

Tyler explained why in the last schedule

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Oh that’s a shame
Anyone know why

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Too many controllers to make that a realistic option with a lot of freedom to chose and nothing but complaints and criticism when I was posted. Didn’t matter what airport I added, someone would complain. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Happy to see South America in the schedule :)


Yes LROP Will Be Open!
Hope Not To Be Ghosted Again…

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Great schedule! I really like how the regions of IFATC will change at 11pm my time. I can do 5 hour flights from ATC to ATC! (In some regions)

Great places selected! Can’t wait for the Middle East

My suggestion (only for a few days):

Tuesday: Ho Chi Minh City Airport in Vietnam
Wednesday: KSJC (it is so underserved because of the nearby KSFO), KOAK (it is underserved because of the nearby popular KSFO), KPDX (honestly, I have never seen KPDX being green on the map, only white)
Thursday: I don’t know if the Caribbean is included, but TNCA in Aruba is so close to Venezuela and it is underserved since Aruba is such a small Caribbean country.


I love this new schedule! I’ll make sure to fly at least a couple of days.

SEA - ANC with Alaska Airlines on wednesday, 👌 perfect.


don’t forget about PAKT. One of my favorite ASA routes.