Expert ATC Schedule • 16-22 Apr 18

Will FNF be coming out soon? Interested where it will be tomorrow.

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Just be patient Mark needs time to make the proper FNF event. On top of that he has to decide where it will be.


I just turned grade 3 like 2 hours ago and well I have to many violations so ill see you guys in expert sever in about 3 months when get 487 more lanings done .Happy flying everyone!

hoping you guys will open ATC in Tahiti, would love to fly with Tahiti Airlines :)

My home airport (esgg) is included! Hope crj comes out before wednesday so that I will buy Live again.(got tired of all the planes or their quality, so i did not bother renewing it)

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Dude, that was 3 days ago. Hahaha.


lol, but i guess it wont be that long til next time we see Scandinavia

Whoa, Im lost…