Expert ATC Schedule • 16-22 Apr 18

Singapore if my fav. Changi airport

Just wanted to give the IFATC controller who opened KDEN last night a huge huge thank you. It meant a lot to see Denver opened :)
Some FVA guys and I were having an internal event. About 5 of us coming in to Denver from FSD with 2 more on the ground taking pictures. We had no idea ATC would be there but timed it perfectly. It just made the event so much better. Thank you IFATC.


For those flying into FAOR or FACT, be advised there are thunderstorm warnings in the area. While these two airports are just outside the warning area, turbulence and strong upper level winds can still be experienced. Plan accordingly and fly safe!


I can’t find the name of the person controlling HAAB right now, but can someone ghost this guy please?

Went right around me on top of gates…

His name is Speedbird 7 7 Heavy

Don’t bother pming him he’s busy… anyway there’s a procedure to follow to ghost someone now it’s too late. Maybe next time😉.

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@Evan I have PM’ed you

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I don’t have anything in my mail…

HAAB ready to get New Zealand 901 ified?

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Whomever is Approach at HAAB, I am sorry, I hit traffic comming home

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If you were over FL180 then it’s fine… app doesn’t go up that far anyway. As long as you don’t interfere

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No the controler had been contacting me for about 5mjns though, but I was out of the way, sorrt about that

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Floated that… Sorry guys

will any atc be open at 5:20 pm west coast. or 8:20 east coast time at HDAM

ATC opens when they have the time. The only thing I can tell you is to just wait and see. :)

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yep. thank you. was just planning for my VA. if there would be ATC at that time. thanks for helping the IFC.

For once my Monday might include a flight. Let’s just hope I can stay off IFC and get stuff done first.

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My new goal is too fly to every fnf no matter where it is in the world from Auckland to it in a air New Zealand 787-9 with callsign New Zealand 1


Good morning IFC! For those looking to maintain realism in the sim, RWY 08-26 at KPHX is CLOSED by published NOTAM until 1400Z. Be advised and use caution.

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Why is it closed? Maintenance?