Expert ATC Schedule • 11-17 June 18

Great !! The Brazilian community needed ATC, even if it was not in HD the guys fly quite deserved it :), thank you Tyler very good this week’s program !!

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I like long hauls…want more Long hauls …
Excellent schedule

Thanks Tyler!

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I like this. 👍 Gives guys a ton of options.

That’s great and i can’t wait for the next flights i love everythings. 👍

Thanks For The Information

United is flying a 777-200(ER) from KORD to KEBR this summer!

This is insane. Maybe the best atc schedule you’ve done.
Heathrow is gonna be mad today lol

✈️ For those looking for a gorgeous route. ✈️

Beginning a 3-Leg for tomorrow’s featured airports. Speedbird 62.

Don’t forget your British Airways livery with your favorite aircraft!


Nice schedule as usual @Tyler_Shelton ! I’ll definetly pop down and try to get some flight in!

Just Departed Out Of Vegas On My Way To EGLL. I’m very excited! Hopefully ATC Is Still Active There In About 8-9 Hours.
My Call Sign Is SpeedBird 1512 Heavy And i’ll see you all at London! Safe Flights To You All :)

I hope the FNF will be in Russia, since the FIFA World Cup begins this Thursday.


Welp I woke up at around 4am and everything was disconnected on my flight. Weather, User Account, Global Server, API and Live Server. So I have restarted my flight from KLAS So Now I am American 13 Heavy, and I’ll still be on my way to EGLL and I can’t wait to explore England then I’ll fly back down to Vegas After Exploring England and head down to brazil the next day! See y’all at London for the Second Time.

Am I color -blind ? Can´t see the red long haul “partner” ?

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There is none. Just Germany that day.


Aah. The Atlantic will be overcrowded on Wednesday and Saturday…

I’m going to be high so I won’t have to deal with it! I’m about to fly by the Atlantic To Get from KLAS - EGLL
Vegas Is My Home Base So All My Flights On IF Are Always Out Of Vegas And End In Vegas
I can’t wait to explore England Though Any Places I should Go? I want some very nice views!

Is your callsign LasVegas? Because I think I saw you at last weeks FNF in CYVR. I think you were going from OMDB-CYVR? IN AN A330!!!

No, VegasAviation.
I was at FNF Last Week I Had A Ball I did Southwest To Reno. Jetblue To Long Beach. American to LA and so much more! It was fun though. I’ll be at EGLL in like 8hours and some change

I’m going to go try to Fall Back Asleep so I won’t have to wait 8 hours lol. The sun is up and its so beautiful in real life. Its peaking over the mountain.

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Las Vegas…, well that would be @LaroseRoyce.
He’s the one with Las Vegas Callsign.

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