Expert ATC Has the Ability to Change Runway Colors

I think that Expert ATC should have the ability to change which runways are green or red. This would be helpful because sometimes planes don’t always land on the green runways and with ATC being able to change the runway colors flights inbound can plan flight plans to the specific runway without having to be inside of ATIS or Approach range to enter a sequence for the landing runway. What are your thoughts on this?

The colors show the wind direction and it is helpful for pilots to know the wind direction when they land

I think ATIS says it all


Red=tailwind, orange=crosswind and green=headwind, atc can open red runways, just because a runway is red does not mean it is closed, its just an indication of the wind direction, not whether or not it is opened. You always request runways stated in the ATIS, regardless of wind. It’s not a typo, use those runways.


But it’s determined by weather, not ATC.

No, ATC determines runways in use. Winds are simply a factor in our decision.

We aren’t going to land aircraft on runway 28 at TNCM just because winds favor it.


Weather is not the only thing that determines runways in use, when they’re in the ATIS, it’s not a typo, use those runways. It could be due to terrain or other factors, not just weather.

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Make sure to vote for your own topic! Also, as said before, ATIS says it all, and in my point of view, there is no need for this, however, nice suggestion!


That’s the problem, red doesn’t mean closed.
It is a wind indicator based on the runway heading.

Runway colors should be controlled by wind not by atc

No the colors of the runways should be decided by the wind and not by the ATC.

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it’s like Expert ATC has the ability to change Player Name Display color…
the same things
the system will recognize by itself as well as the name color display.

Maybe the colors should be removed all together? Then you can read the METAR, look at the map for which runways are in use and listen to ATIS. As someone who is red green colorblind, learn how to read a METAR, it’s very useful and interesting.


I think overall this ruins IF and real world logic. It is also a massive help to decide what runway to land on on unmanned airports.

Then what can pilots use as a guide(espiecally new pilots) for which runway to land at? It is there to help guide pilots, and I think it is necessary to learn and grow. This is a reply to @Trio’s post by the way, I forgot to click on rely

Just a suggestion, please no one take offense

@NoahM you should vote for your own topic.This idea doesn’t sound bad but how would people not in the community know the change?

@Lil_Qaz - That’s not something that the OP should do. Noah will be the one to decide if he will vote for his own feature request, or not. Only reply if you have something to say about the request or if you want to support it. Anything else can be taken in a PM or not mentioned at all.

All the color of the runway does is show what runway has headwind taliwind and crosswind. As someone already said. It doesn’t say what runway is open or closed. It’s just info to help the pilot decide what runway to land on if there is no ATC. If there is ATC they will direct you to the best runway possible. if its on expert

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As said ubove. The runways are colore coded to the wind. This would take away the whole point.


The airport runways are determined by:

Realism (sometimes)

It is ridiculous to change runway colors. Runway colors are only natural because they correspond to the wind.

Sorry, but I dislike this idea.

Then we also have ATIS. ATIS determines the landing and takeoff runways. It’s all we really need. IFATC are professionals who know how to do their job.


Changing colors probably doesn’t make sense. It may be helpful to show runway in use through something other than ATIS to help plan STAR when approach is not active though.

But the only problem is that literally 99.999999999999999999999999999% of people on ts don’t know how to read metars, so it would just be chaos, both ends of the runway being used at the same time and the headache you get when you control on ts would be 1000 times worse, I like where you’re thinking though