Expert atc errors

I don’t know what’s happening to the controller I thought was the best in IF. This morning I had to quit my flight after being instructed to turnLEFT heading 090 when he was supposed to say Right heading. Next he says please follow instructions or you will be ghosted. What are we supposed to do or say when we know for sure as pilots that the atc made a mistake. Which in this case he said LEFT WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE SAID RIGHT. So I turned LEFT following his instructions and because of that I was told I was going to be ghosted for not following instructions. And no I do not have a screen shot but this is the second time in a row that Mr Gary GHAMZ. gives me the instructions wrong and he is the one controller that I would least expect those errors knowing him in IF for three years.


PM the controller and take it from their.

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The left/right error is caused by aircrafts disappearing, not the controller. The controller dont have a choice of asking you turning right or left, only a heading.


The ATC doesn’t decide whether its left or right. The system knows which one is which.

Always follow their instructions, even if you think it is wrong they will correct themselves. They can’t ghost you if you are doing exactly as they say

The only reason i hit this topic is because I saw this amazing emoji icon lol

Please PM @GHamsz directly instead of making a public post . I am sure he will be happy to discuss the issue with you


I would not take the chance to continue after he said please follow instructions or you will be ghosted. So which instructions should I follow then in this case. The ones he gave me wrong? Or the instructions he thought he gave me.

Just PM @GHamsz as instructed :)