Expert ATC Being sloppy - why can’t users report ATC

I have noticed the past week or so that ATC has been sloppy - sending wrong messages to wrong aircraft, not sequencing departures correctly, taking a while to respond to communication even if it isn’t busy, etc. I understand ATC can report aircraft, but why can’t we give feedback, report ATC. Wish there was a spot to talk about instances

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Hello @DaBreed , please note that controllers sometimes get so much busy that small mistakes and misclicked buttons could happen. Also, all controllers control in their own way so there might occur where 1 controller would follow some procedures and others might do different. We hope for the co-operation from pilots as well. Also, atc can report because IFATC controllers are trained before they control. Pilots are not trained beforehand so might make mistakes and not follow instructions due to which they get reported. Thanks!

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Also to add to my previous message, if you didn’t like atc service you can always ping the controller on IFC and check with them for your queries on their session and also provide them feedback. Thanks!

I would send the controller a dm, and not ping them on a public topic.

If you have problems, im sure one of the ATC Supervisors or Moderators would be happy to field your concerns.

If you recieved a violation that you think you have been issued unfairly, make sure to go through the appeals process.

What do you mean ping them? I understand mistakes are made and everyone is a different controller. But I had instances all week (more than ever) with a lot of inconsistencies whether busy or just a couple aircraft. If there’s a way to “chat with them” that’d be great.

You can use the @ symbol along with someones name to ping them.

For example, @DaBreed

You can check with controllers via dm on IFC and they’ll surely respond.

Ahh got it. Yeah I don’t want to discuss on a public platform. I’ll try DM-ing in the future

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The conversation you have here is perfectly fine, you havent publicly shamed anyone. Its just a discussion on your experiences with IFATC recently, which does no harm

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There is nothing wrong discussing on the public platform but then many people will share opinions and your query from the session with the controller would put aside. So better to take it in dm’s.

However, if you want to address a specific issue, take it to DMs as @MJMN said previously

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Keep in mind that the IFATC team includes many Supervisors and Moderators that are constantly monitoring open frequencies. If they spot something wrong with the service being provided, they will say something to that controller in a private channel. It’s hard to have someone watching all the time, but they do the best they can :)

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