Expert Atc area restriction

How come IFATC have to stay in the assigned region? Why not with the surge of players these days, revamp(or something) the ESATC so that the areas and airports for that day are Guaranteed to have atc and then let controller control any airport around the world. I think something like this could really ease up on the amount of traffic at airports and help alot with people who have to sacrifice device life just to get atc.

It’s to make sure all areas of the world are explored compared to boring old LAX or LHR.


If the major hubs of the world were open every day, they would always be sucking the traffic away from the smaller hubs. Having these regions ensures that everyone’s favorite airports get love.


As others have said, it allows us to explore other airports we wouldn’t typically see. With that being said, IFATC will open major hubs every 1-2 weeks that are implemented into the schedule.

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