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I don’t think I’m the only one, but the people with little experience are using a lot of expert level and truth in big airports with a lot of traffic without ATC think they’re in training and do what they want without following a pattern and force players who do the right things and comply with normal when there are no ACT
And change our flight plan, as if there are ATC exams, they could put some emphasis on those things because the truth really bothers people who follow the rules. thank you ✈️


Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do when people in expert behave like they are in Training or Casual without ATC around.

I have seen a lot as well so you aren’t alone

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It’s impossible to moderate everyone on the expert server and you will get people who do not follow the rules.

ATC will moderate when we are open but our resources can not cover every busy airport all the time and unfortunately you will get people not following the rules.

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I feel your pain. I was taxing on expert one time and someone landing on the taxiway I was I taxing on

Adding on from what @Aviator_SG has mentioned, sometimes when there isn’t IFATC controllers active there are other users who can report when they are flying such as supervisors and moderators.

If we see another user interfering with another pilots experience, such as landing against the traffic flow for example, we will report.

That is one of the main roles of supervisors, is to supervisor the Expert Server. Unfortunately as I’m sure you can understand, we can’t be everywhere and all times so some people and some of these situations slip through the cracks.



Correct me if wrong. A system speed violation will result from landing on a taxiway? And 3 reports (or some some such number) by other non-supervisor users leads to violation? Or does that not work anymore? - risk quickly increases as witnesses increase?

You are correct in regards to landing on a taxiway. Landing on a taxiway at the normal landing speed of an aircraft would result in a violation if the user does not slow down before the violation occurs. There is a buffer time between the warning for taxiing to fast and the violation being issued.

I’m not entirely sure in regards to your second question as I’ve never heard about that being possible previously, as I believe the report button is greyed out and unable to be accessed by users that don’t have those permissions.

Hope this helps clear some of your questions up and provides the answers you are looking for.

Take care!

Yes, thanks. Forgot about the greying out. I have memories long ago of receiving a report warning for reasons I didn’t know, from someone I couldn’t see, before it was disabled. Old memory. Cheers!

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No worries mate, glad my answers helped you out and provided some clarity.

Have a great day!

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I think it may be worth letting IF experiment with extending the violation is flight capabilities to lower IFATC ranks. We are already trusted with this ability while controlling, why should flying be different? Abuse of this system would result in expulsion from IFATC just like when controlling. There should be a rule, however, that you may not report anyone in a controlled airspace. That should be left to whoever is controlling there. They could start with giving this ability to officers first and then if that goes well, extended it further to specialists; however I do not believe it should be extended more. Thoughts?

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Harrison Ford is on IF ?


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