Expert and Casual Server trouble

Hi, last night I tried loading in on the Expert Server and everything was fine for except my live server button was red and I was offline. I tried doing this multiple more times but it never worked. I had closed the app, restarted the device, and even deleted the app and reinstalled it, but nothing would work. Then I realized my training server was working perfectly, and the casual server was not. I then found out that all devices connected to my internet were having this same problem, but the internet was running perfectly for except these two servers. I rebooted the internet too and nothing changed. I then decided to see if the problem would resolve itself, but it has been almost a day since, and I’m still having trouble. I just want to know it anyone has experience anything like this, and can provide some help. Thanks.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say “I was offline”. Are you referring to the connection icon? If so, which one was red?

Also, which device are you using?
Wifi or cellular?
Have you tried the other (try cellular if you are on wifi, etc)

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This may relate to the strength of these servers and their mass to your area… I doubt it though.

I’m using an iPad Pro without data, but my phone uses works on all servers with data

Yeah the connection icon for live server was red

Go to Settings on your iPad. Then General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. That should resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, it is still not working

You’re only unable to connect to Expert? The other two are fine?

I can only connect to Training Server other two will not work.

I just got it to work, it was an internet problem but thanks for all of the help