Expert access and Grading not correct?

I’ve seen this multiple times on expert server. Landing to violation ratio not 2:1. Let alone speeding under 10000 ft. How are they getting access?

Have also noticed some grade 5s well below 750 total landings. I know it takes a while for system to update but I’ve seen some pretty big discrepancies, more than 200 landings short of 750. Just trying to figure out how they are doing this.

The violations/landing ratio are based on the last 12 months, so it could simply be that the majority of those violations are older than 12 months.


Ahh ok that makes sense on that. So shouldn’t he get kicked for speeding as soon as he lands?

It is? I didn’t know that 😐

Speed restrictions don’t apply on fighter jets I believe.

Now you do. Here’s an example of the message you get:


I haven’t tried Expert since the rule change because I know I’m below the ratio. Thanks for clarifying that 😂

As @personmajig said, the speed restrictions do not apply to military aircraft. At least not when not inside an airspace. Not 100% about the airspace part.

Well the guy in the picture is inside airspace so I’d assume that there’s not even restrictions inside airspace.

Good point. Things have been changed so many times it’s a mess in my head. Lol.

Ok. Tbh they should have to follow the same rules as commercial aircraft below 10000 imo. I would actually like to see military fighters removed from the SIM but that’s just my opinion. Feel free to close Mr. Schyllberg. Thanks for the clarifications.

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