Experimental or Research Flight

Hey, I just have a simple question, IF doesn’t have a callsign named “Research Flight” or “Research”. My point is that you may know about the Qantas Research Flight from London to Sydney, well I want to do something similar today, with a flight from Sydney to Mexico City or from New Zealand to Mexico City, is it fair to use the callsign “Experimental” for this flight?

i mean ya because it experiment to see if your able to fly to whatever you’re flying to, to see if your able to make it without running out of fuel or doing a stop at a airport to refuel also doing a stable weight and balance

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Hey mate,

You are more than welcome to use whichever callsign you would like. Just a heads up, when Qantas did these flights they didn’t use a callsign called “research”, the callsign they used was “Qantas 7879” I believe.

Take care mate!

If I take to a IRL perspective Im just trying to see if the demand of passengers is enough, therefore being able to expand the airline network (destinations)

i mean ya i geuss

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Okay, I see, thank you so much!

Take care as well sir!

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No worries mate, glad I could help you out. 😊

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