Experimental Long Haul Stream

Hello my fellow aliens!

Today I will be trying something new. That’s right, you read the title, we’re doing a long haul stream. I have no idea how this will go. Anything may go wrong. It will probably cut out in the middle of the night, but who knows. I have a 21 hour Spotify playlist ready.

Today, we will be attempting to fly from Los Angeles, California to Nha Trang, Vietnam as Vietnam Airlines flight 171. We will be flying on an A350-900. Feel free to watch my stream, or intercept my flight. Sorry for my poor flying skills and wacky music.


This is me but when taxiing for takeoff I use the inboard taxiways when available, as to avoid what would be considered a runway incursion. Also psst your wing is over the hold short line!

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Okay, I’ll taxi with inboard taxiways next time.

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Okay so, the stream cut out after 4:30. This does show some promise for medium haul streams, and I will continue to experiment with long haul streams.