Experimental Feature option for IF

There should be an option in setting so infinite flight developers could add experimental things and everyone can test them and give feedback on the forum and tell the developers what they need to fix


so like a public beta?


Yeah, I need to find out if there is a Pepsi can on the 787


no there isnt the cockpit isnt rendered good

I think he meant in the new update.

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I moved this to #features but I’m not sure if that was the right move to make. Sounds like a feature request to me though.
I can’t see this being added. We have highly trusted and committed beta testers for a reason. This defeats their purpose if everyone was basically a beta tester.

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YESSSSS!!! WE NEED THIS! and then after every flight, there will be a pop up message asking for feedback (MANDITORY) and then back to home screen

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Or it could be only allowed 1 beta flight per week

Is this a good idea?

  • Yes!
  • No…

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Now Everyone is happy, Yes we can see the update earlier, but you guys must Wait to the BETA then so it is a bad idea

This could be good because then the developers could get feedback about the updates before they send it out. Also it will save time because it would be better to fix a bug than having to wait for a new update to come out to address those problems.

This is what the current beta team is for.

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We have both an alpha and beta team to address any incoming updates to make sure they’re ready for departure upon release.

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Can I join beta team??

The selection process is more sophisticated then before. Asking wont just get you on board. The biggest key is trust.

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