Experimental Custom Graphic Settings: Adjust Plane Count, Rendering Distance and More

With the new update, Infinite Flight introduced new Graphic Settings. They have been massively simplified compared to the last version, which is not bad actually. It gives users a more simple way to adjust their Graphic settings to get the best experience possible.

The problem I see though is that even the highest settings don’t go far enough. We don’t have any possibilitiy to adjust the graphics the way we want. And that’s not something new. We had the same problem in the older versions. We had more settings back then however they didn’t go far enough as well.

At the moment we can choose between 3-4 graphic settings, from Low to Ludicrous. But as I said, even Ludicrous isn’t enough.

Here is where my proposal comes in:

I’d like to see a fifth setting category called „Custom“. When you activate this category some new Experimental Graphic settings show up in which you can change a lot more like:

Setting Explanation
Aircraft Count Change the number of aircrafts shown on live server. At the moment it’s fixed at around 12 planes I guess
Rendering Distance Change the maximal rendering distance of the visible scenery
Anti Aliasing On/Off
Shadow Quality Change the quality of the shadow
Plane Quality Change the quality of the airplane rendering
More Settings More Settings

They are called Experimental Settings because Infinite Flight has no responsibility when you use them. If your flight is laggy afterwards it’s because of how you chose the settings.

The reason why I think this is a good addition to the game is that especially newer high-end devices like the newer iPads are extremely capable. They should be more than able to handle a higher rendering distance or a higher plane count.

I’m currently using my iPad Pro 10.5 at the Ludicrous graphic settings and it runs as smoothly as ever. I want to be able to use my devices capabilities and see all the planes around me to get a more realistic IF experience and the possibility for some awesome screenshots! It would also allow low-end devices to even further reduce their graphic settings to get a smooth experience.

Thank you for your attention, have a good flight.

Actually, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Having a “Custom” category , would allow users to use their own preference to graphics, and what runs faster on their devices.

I also agree when you said:

I’ll vote for this, as I would want this, (As I run a very capable device, the Pixel 2), and other people would probably like to see this implemented as well.

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This seems nice. I think I’ll drop a vote! ;)

This idea would allow users to use more graphics settings to best meet their mobile device’s hardware. Cool!

Not clear how much development effort this would take. Thinks like managing the quality of a shadow, could be a biggie.

Love the feature request though! 👍🏼

The proposed settings are just an idea of what could be added for users to manually change. The main part I’d like to be able to change on my own is the airplane count and the rendering distance. Compared to the shadow where there might only be one model this might be a little easier. I’m not a developer though.

All in all, as I said, I think More customizable settings would definitely improve the users experience depending on the device.

And thanks! 😊

Maybe the shadow could be controlled by a simple shadows-on/shadows-off toggle. No need for any in between settings.

I’m going to vote for this since I’m often frustrated with the current pre-configured LOD limitations, even on the highest graphics settings currently available. I’d honestly turn shadows off if it means boosting the Aircraft Count and/or Rendering Distance amounts.

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I’m bumping because adding more options to configure graphics would definitely improve my experience in IF since it would be very helpful for older devices. Perhaps also introduce options to disable some feature like live cockpits or clouds (which are coming and they will impact performance). I’m very much fine with aircraft being at the same quality as the MD-11/787 cockpits right now vs. having to lower my graphics significantly so that the live cockpit on the A350/A320 wouldn’t lower my frame rate.

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