Experiencing the flight results!

I was a natural! Flew like i have flown a plane before, even spoke to Air Traffic Control! I flew on N737BB which was another C172, and it was dark and very cold. We will try to do another for the daytime, but it was an awesome experience! I will definitely try to go to an aviation school to get a Private Pilot’s License
Transcript from ATC (the only time I ever spoke):
Me: “uh… Nashua Tower, this is 737BB holding short of uh… Alpha, um… departing Southwest”
Nashua Tower: “737BB Hold short for Landing Traffic”
You can visit LiveATC and hear me speak (Skip to 12:10):
(Look for Gnd/Twr/Misc and click on Archives. Select Nov. 23, 2016 and look for 22:30Z and skip to 12:10)

Heading to N737BB. N7242G is still there.

Checklist obtained

Me doing the checklist (Before taxi)

Runway ahead!

View out the window at night.


Knew you would enjoy it , glad everything went better then expected ! ✈️

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It’s ironic how N737BB is a C172.


Beautiful pics!

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Thank you! The instructor was pretty surprised that I was good at handling the aircraft.

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I want to do an intro flight at night now!

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It was an amazing experience looking down at the cars and houses lit in the night :)

You would think it is a Big Bear VA 737😂

Happened on my introductory flight too, I was a natural:)

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Sorry, was this a discovery flight? I wanna do one

Yes it was! Costed only $99 at Nashua Airport in NH via Air Direct.

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NICE! Im gonna try it out of HPN!

Good luck! HPN is a commercial airport, but I’m guessing they have a Flight School that does Intro Flights. I’d do some research before flying :)

Yea, commercial, JBU flies out like 3 times daily, Academy of Aviation offers it.

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It’ll be fun :) I hope you can try out a Discovery flight soon :)

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Thanks! I hope so too :)

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