Experiencing more crashes

Hi everyone. I don’t know why I have been experiencing more crashes than usual. The last three out of four flights. The app has crashed on me

IPad 6th generation
iOS 14.4
Brightness almost at the lowest
Graphics medium to low
3 background apps (have used them for 2 yrs and basically had no issues)
Have restarted internet
Have restarted iPad.

Hi Tyler!

Do the crashes happen on the same stage of flight each time (i.e. approaching an airport for landing)? There is also a known issue with lag occurring on iOS/iPadOS devices, so this issue could be a contributing factor to your application crashing as well.


Hi they always are happening towards the end of a flight. Probably I would say the last 10-15% of a flight. And 2 of the 3 crashes i took off. Did other things came back touch the screen and then it crashed.

Thanks! Right away, I can see that one constant variable in all your crashes is that you’re close to an airport (departing/arriving). Are there many aircraft in the vicinity of the arriving/departing airports when the app crashes?

Idk. But I know it’s not as busy as when IFATC cause i try and avoid ATC due to how busy and it could be a long delay

In that case, try lowering your airplane count to None and check if you are still experiencing crashes. Loading in other aircraft in Live is a rather resource-intensive task, hence setting the count to None might help Infinite Flight allocate your device’s resources in another task.

In addition to this, try performing a soft restart of your device before each flight (if you aren’t doing so already). See below for how to do this.

One great thing to do before launching Infinite Flight, is to perform a soft restart of the device. This is a quick and reliable way of making sure your device is operating at peak efficiency. This is done by holding down the power/lock button until you see “Slide to power off”. Then hold down the home button until you’re returned to the home screen. For iOS devices without a Home button, a restart is recommended as the soft restart feature does not exist on those.

Let us know if these steps helped.

Ok. But my aircraft count is “low” already. I thought it was on high but it’s not.

And where did you see that article? I’d like to let the OP person of a way to do a soft restart with iOS devices that have no home button

The quote is from the official Infinite Flight “Get Help” section found below. Scroll down to “General iOS tips” to see it.

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Ok thank you. And you think low is good enough already or should I try “none”?

Do try “None” for a few flights to see if that helps at all. If not, then try lowering all your graphics to the minimum and work your way up, increasing the graphics to the point where you’re satisfied between the performance (lack of crashes) and the graphics quality combination. It might take a few test flights to perfect the combination but at the same time, it should help with the crashes you’re experiencing.

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So I tried a long haul and it crashed half way theough

Hiya, I’m by no means an expert on this, but after 19.4 I had so many crashes it was unusable, however, there were a few techniques that can help.

In addition to the things stated earlier, I found that, after being recommended to, clearing scenery cache before every flight would help, clearing flight replays, and the biggest thing was switching camera to “ATC” and keeping the camera stationary on the ground, meaning so much scenery was not having to be loaded. However, this is not a solution that you should have to put up with as it does not allow you to access all the features of the game; I would personally advise applying to apple for a refund if the crashes continue without a fix

Well after 19.4 they found a known issue and it was fixed in 20.1. and for me everything was fixed and running as it should and never experienced crashes until now

Ok question how much storage is IF using and how many replays do you have stored?

sorry if this was steady said

You are not alone with this i also made a topic under support with the app crashes. Sadly so far I haven’t received much help.

30 replays. 43gb out of 128gb has been used

Interesting…Try deleting some replays and make sure all recommend settings are selected by IF.

Could that really be the problem? Cause I remember I had a year and a half worth of replays , and I fly two to three times a day, and I had no issues

Yes it could be affecting your device and game

Well like I said I had probably a 1000 replays or more saved and had no issues