Experiencing issues since last night

Good morning all!

I have browsed through the support thread and noticed some experiencing a Facebook authentication issue.

Since I log in with facebook, and have successfully, I am having an issue downloading aircraft.

Let me preface that by saying I was stuck loading before flight and after restarting the app, I’m now receiving a message when trying to download aircraft “Check your internet, storage, or try again later.”

I’m assuming that there is just some Saturday morning hangover for the app. And if I’m missing anything big, feel free to let me know.

I’ll just use this time to do some more studying as I’m getting close to moving up to the training server!

Thanks for all the help!

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Have you tried reinstalling the app?


No problems on my end. I can download all aircraft without any problems.

Have you tried restarting your device?
How much storage do you have left?

How many GB do you have and how many of them have you used?

I believe there was a thread earlier today. It’s a Facebook issue, however one fix might work but not guaranteed. I’m gonna link it in a second.

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That’s the funny thing. When I cleared the cache and cleared all data, i know can’t download any aircraft. I’m going to check the app permissions.

As far as space, even with about half of the aircraft downloaded, i still had 8gb left

The facebook-log in is not the problem. He is talking about the downloads of all the aircraft.

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Restart your router, device and log in and out. Should help

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I’ll give that a go. That was somewhere on my troubleshoot list…haha

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I’m wondering if it has anything to do with Facebook. Basically, after I log in on infinite, I go to the aircraft screen and any plane I click, it’ll just say image unavailable.

Since this just happened out of the blue last night, I’m optimistic a good reboot will work.

Update: 12:09 EDT

Okay, so my HUD popped up while the loading screen was showing.

I could see a red circle in the top right. It makes sense since I’m not connecting to the global server.

That seems more logical at this point. Just giving it time

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How is you WiFi or cellular service? Have you reset your router and have you tried clearing your devices network settings?

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