Experiences with Ipega 9021 bluetooth controller?

Hello fellow aviators,

I was browsing the web looking for a reasonably priced joystick so I can use it on IF and I bumped into the Ipega 9021 bluetooth controller. Does anyone have experiences with it and how do you like it? It would help me a lot.

Cheers, AirForce336 (Frank)9200000058282936

You plan on using this for IF?

That’s the plan… just don’t know if it’s worth the buy

What do you plan to use it with?

Becuais it likely wolnt work with IOS, while it advertizes so it seems only to have bluetooth (so it should be fine on android) but IOS since IOS 7 I believe needs MIFI and should be apple certified, unfortunately that has a cost, but I have been trucked by that before. But Android should be fine with just about any Bluetooth controller, feel free to PM me for further details…

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Cheers mate. Yeah I plan to use it on my galaxy s7 edge so that would be fine. Thank you for your reply 😊


One thing you will experience issues with, is the throttle.
It will be default at 50% until you move one of the joystick backwards or forward.


Depending on your situation, you can also use a modern Xbox one or PS4 controller in the same way. Depending on your device, they’ll pair up differently. I apologize for not having any experience with your original question, but if you need assistance on pairing these controllers up and how to use them, I’m more than happy to assist 😁

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Too my knolage you should be fine but I dont have experiance with the controller or device so…

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Thank you for your answer… I’ll keep that in mind when loading a flight 😁

Thank you but I have neither 🤣 but I will keep it in mind…😊

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No worries thank you for your reply 😁


Won’t he have the option to change his settings so he has the middle at 0% and then moving the joystick down is reverse thurst and joystick up is regular thurst.

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I hope so… I’ll let you guys know how it’s going
with it… 😊

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I recommend buying this.

It is quite pricey but it does work with IOS. I am not sure it will work with infinte flight.

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Thanks for the tip… I have a Samsung though but I’ll give it a look and see if they have anything for that.

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