Experienced pilot ?

Does anyone know who the most experienced pilot is on Infinite Flight Live ?

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What category do you need? Us regulars can change it.

Nevermind I changed it thanks for the offer though !

@kuawit, they are talking about you…


@JoshFly8 is an expert at landing if that’s your thing ;)


I am the supreme aviator within the realm of Infinite Flight.


And you can see for yourself who the most experienced pilot for live is by clicking on the server selection then there are 2 tabs on the left, go to leader boards, then you can sort by XP, online flight time, and landings then you can sort by last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and all time. That should provide the information you need. If you need pictures let me know :)


Landings/flight time =/= skill

Yes, I am wondering who has the overall xp/landings/flight time/

You can see that in my post :)

I wouldn’t call him an experienced pilot in If. Just a Xp farmer


That’s because you never saw he flying a jet…

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No that’s not true, I saw him fly a citation x one time. And btw, the only thing he does is put on the autopilot, and fly for 5hours in the chicago region in a speed of 55 kts.


Ok got it thanks for the help cheers!

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Your welcome, let me know if you need more assistance :)

He likes doing this. He does this almost every day.

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Define experienced… I believe there’s two groups of people:

Those who fly a Cessna at 50kts for 14hrs+ a day, from one end of the region to the other, use AutoNav from LF connect just to farm the hours and leave it running as they do other activities throughout the day: there’s a few of those people.

And, you have those who have sat there for all of their flight time or left and came back after a short bathroom/food break. There’s a handful of people in this category as well.

Again, if you define slowflight in a 172 as expierenced… (I’ll let you fill in the rest) 🤔


I’m struggling to decide if you’re in the first or the second.


Ha! The autonav doesn’t work on a Mac. Therefore I fall in the the latter. 😁


Skill. That is what I have. Although I am only Grade 3.

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