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Hello all, my name is Sonny and I am looking to become an ATC on Infinite Flight. I have a vast amount of experience in being an ATC on PC and I have controlled at all different levels up to radar.

I was wondering, how can I actually get my grade up, how can I become an actual controller and is there a recruiter I could speak to?

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Just rather than a link, just some helpful info if you do take it:

You need 500+ movements, I have 2,000 by Training Server. You need to be grade 3 to access IFATC. My close friend on the IFC just passed both tests, and is happy to become IFATC. I can’t for 2 months because of a report. If you get reported, you can’t apply for 60 days. Expect lots of questions on pattern work. Good luck for when you take it! Also if you like IF, you can apply for a VA (Virtual Airline)! It’s a good idea.

Ok I read that however:
" * Minimum of 500 ATC operations" - how exactly do I get this up?

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ATC Operations are clearances on tower. On Approach and ground it’s every command. :)

Good luck!

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Ok thanks!

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