Experience with Spirit Airlines

Anyone have good or bad experiences with Spirit. Looking to fly from ATL to BOS and spirit is $300 cheaper than any other competitor. I have heard some bad stuff, but it’s hard to turn down that price.


You get what you pay for , it is a LCC so do not expect them to roll the red carpet out for you and then you will be all good ! $300 bucks cheaper is hard to argue with …


It all comes down to the saying “You get what you pay for.” It is cheaper, yet there are some setbacks that you don’t get if you were to fly the competitions. (Paid carryon, no free drinks, etc.) I haven’t had any major problems with them.


If you simply want to get somewhere, any dont care if you are on time. Go for it. But you may be charged for overhead bins, drinks, and others.

I am 6’6" and could barely fit in the seat so I will never do it again. I also do not do Southwest either because of the cattle call boarding and how close all the seats are.

It all comes down to what are you willing to pay for comfort. I have seen some things regarding spirt’s maintenance procedures but oh well.


Ya, its cheap but a lots of hidden fees, and no comfort at all.


They once got me stranded in San Diego and couldn’t get me on another flight back for 6 days!!


I wish Spirit would actually listen to their customers. Spirit would have a good chance if they would actually sacrifice like have less seats on a plane. They have the plane at the limit of seats that they can hold, so that means no comfort at all. Their customer service sucks, and their employees will not even dress right or be late.

They did listen to their customers, they complained about fares being too high, so they built an airline around keeping costs down. If you want more space and better service, you can go fly someone else because all of those things cost money.


I mean listen to their problems at customer service, sorry I did not make that clear.

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Absolutely hate this airline. I had one flight with them and it was my last. All the rumors are true. Ah ah bye bye now Spirit.
lol I can go in more depth if you want but I would not recommend flying them. Fly Frontier, at least they are friendly, welcoming, and entertaining. The one spirit FA looked like she was on drugs and half awake.

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Sure as hell not getting treated like a king, but with my experiences, it could be worse, I mean, for what you pay for, you get from point A to point B

Does Frontier offer the similar pricing? Not like it’s that long of a trip anyway

Very similar if not the same pricing. That’s why it’s an equally decent alternative to flying the yellow banana


They will get you from A to B, just without any style and niceties. :)

Here’s the deal.

I flew on spirit about a month ago from LAX to Portland. This flight is only two hours long, but god was it awful. Spirit has many hidden fees. Most you can find and avoid, and others are completely outright terrible. You have to check your bag online if you don’t want to spend 50$ a bag, no matter the size when you reach the counter. Our family did this, but sadly enough we still had to pay 50$ a bag, don’t ask why. Being a family of 4 for a week long trip, this was 200$ extra dollars. Now we were paying about 20$ more per seat compared to delta or united which are far better airlines, and we were stuck with crappy service, and legroom that is compared to an economy car. You truly have to be aware when you go low cost. Even without buying anything on the plane, the total came out to around $900 for 4 people, with the tickets costing $163. If you are not a great reader and skim over quite a bit, don’t bother with spirit or any low cost airlines, it’ll get ya.

On the way back our tickets were 20$ more per seat with alaska, but we ended up paying about 140$ less than spirit for a better airline. Don’t waste your time. Also there was a moist towel in the pouch of my seat. Fun stuff.

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There’s your argument :) ^^ not trying to play devil’s advocate…

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Despite some of the horror stories, I think I’m going to try it out. I should be able to avoid most of the fees and active military get free carry on and 2 checked bags, so I think my total for two people, round trip should be about $180 including everything…which ain’t too bad. I’may just going to buckle down and deal with the bad service =) hopefully nothing too crazy happens. Thanks for yalls input!

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Let us know how it goes !

Upvote just for the yellow banana 😂👍

Sounds like Jetstar @anon31652286[quote=“Joshua_Fleming, post:2, topic:92432”]
You get what you pay for , it is a LCC so do not expect them to roll the red carpet out for you and then you will be all good

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