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What Is The fastest way to get XP without long haul flights? I’m grade 2 trying to go to grade three, I meet all the requirements except XP


Well, touch and goes are a great way to get started. I recommend going to KMCO in a C208 and do some patterns. Also being able to land smoothly in adverse weather is good.


My solution is patterns just normal patterns at a nice airport and do hat for about and hour or two and you should have a good amount of xp as well as what @anon7075715 said to that is a good idea

Ok thanks so much guys!

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Getting to grade 3 is easy. Getting bumped back to grade 2 on your first flight on Expert just as easy.

It’s all well and good to do those touch and goes to get to grade 3, but I would couple that with watching the tutorials regarding communicating with ATC. Millions of XP won’t help if you’re unfamiliar with how to interact with ATC. Unfortunately, a lot of pilots focus on getting to grade 3 but forget the part about knowing what to do once there.


Touch and goes it the fastest and easiest way to rack up XP fast. So you can gain more xp on each touch and go, I suggest using windy.com and finding windy locations to do touch and goes at so you get more XP. The more wind on landing = the more XP you get from that landing. Good luck getting to grade 3!

I agree with you that’s a good idea

Wow I never knew that you get more XP from windy landings!

Go to EGLL on casual and basically takeoff from one runway, bank and immediately turn and land on the opposite runway. I do this for a long time and you can get a lot of XP!

Well, the reason behind it requires more experience points to reach Grade 3 is to ensure professionalism on expert servers.

I do suggest you do more pattern works so you can practice different controls of different aircrafts. ATC commands tutorials also really help out, as rules are strictly enforced on Expert Servers.

Take your time earning XP, you will get it when you are ready… 😬

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If you want to practice ATC skills and do patterns at the same time, go fly for someone who has an ATC tracking thread. That way, you can still do pattern work and gain XP, but you also learn how to interact with ATC (and the controller gets more practice).

Good luck!

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