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Hopefully you can see my stats that I have uploaded. I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for several years and I am baffled by the experience points that I have to gain to get to higher level given I am so far above everything else except experience points. I’m sure this question has come up before so if there of is a thread I have missed please refer me there. Thank you for any input What am I missing?

Try some more long hauls. Those will boost both your flight hours and XP greatly.


You get more XP from Touch & go’s.

You can go on casual and just do a lot of them at an Airport without traffic

Been playing IF for YEARS???..and you only have 37 hours of flight time???
Not sure why you’re baffled really but as posted above, a few long hauls should get some XP. Smh

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For useful tips on XP, find out how the system works in the comments of this post, from your helpful community members.

Smooth Skies!

As Riley said, try to fly more long haul flights. Overnighters usually gives a couple thousand experience points