Experience controlling at KSAN tonight

I was controlling at KSAN tonight on the pg server which I have done many many times. Traffic was flowing very well and pilots were taking instructions nicely. Thanks to all the pilots that were there. But I couldn’t help but notice one issue. This probably won’t have anything to do with members of the infinite flight community as most of us are very knowledgable in this field. But, pilots were constantly saying that they were remaining in the pattern upon requesting for their takeoff clearance, but I could see they had a flight plan to other airports. Usually, when aircraft are around 100’ above field elevation I would send them over to the departure controller unless they were remaining in the pattern. But, they were constantly requesting a frequency change after requesting to stay in the pattern. This isn’t too big of an issue as it is simple to fix as a controller but when requesting for your takeoff clearance, please don’t just say your remaining in the pattern when you actually plan to depart. Other than that it was great!

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this is a known issue on PG we need to stop these topics if you want realistic practice make a post on here letting us know your doing some ATC in pg somewhere

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From my experience, I think that some pilots assume that it means to remain in the pattern, as what other aircraft might be doing.

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Some people may be confused on what Remaining in the Pattern really means. The term “Remaining in The Pattern” means that you will be staying in the airport traffic pattern. This means that you will enter upwind, crosswind, downwind, base, and final. The airport should always remain in sight during this. Hopefully this helps clarify.

Way back in the KHAF unicom days, that’s what I thought it meant 😛


I think we should have a short tutorial for pilots when they first get live.


Like me, I could use one…

You’re not not the only one… (half the people on Playground)

I’ve learned pretty decently already, seeing as today was my first day of Live. Quite nice (:

Nice, what is your callsign?

Whatever it wants to be, usually the airline then 1776.

Haha those were the days😂😂😂

I wasn’t asking for practice I was just talking about my experience controlling there.

not my point at all if your gonna atc let us know we will stop by so u can have a realistic experience

I do that occasionally but I just wanted some casual controlling

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