Expedition Everest the Yeti unleashed

We recently took our daughter for her first trip to Disney world. Some of you may know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a ride called “Expedition Everest” which is a roller coaster with a museum that the waiting line is set up in. These coaster and museum are base on Everest and a tale of the Yeti to include the evolution of the society of the People of Nepal.
After getting back I decided to set up a flight and a handful of pilots from the Infinite Flight Fan Group on FB joined me. I love these kinds of flights.

Departure Destination

Duration: 2hr 14min
Server: Expert
Aircraft: CRJ 700 (Frontier)


Pretty awesome scenery!


I rode Expedition Everest back in April 2018… I absolutely loved it but never want to do that again

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Looks like some awesome scenery!!! I’ve actually never been to Disneyland or Disney world…