Expedited exit…then reported by ATC

During a VFR flight from EGGP>EGLC, I was vectored for the ILS by App, then cleared in. Landed satis and asked to expedite vacating the runway due to departing traffic given ‘line up and wait’ - within metres of crossing the hold line I was reported…?

If you ask someone to expedite vacating a runway, they’re not going to go all the way to the end; the term expedite is to get off ASAP.

Now I’ve a level two violation despite carrying out ATC instructions…


What speed were you going while exiting the runway?


Feel free to contact @appeals regarding the violation. The appeals team will review and decide if the violation stands or if it will be reversed.

Keep in mind, the decision from the appeals team is final.

Take care!


I suggest you PM the controller for further clarification. If you feel the violation was wrongly issued you can contact @appeals @EGXJ_GR9 .

Look what controller reported you and contact him about this situation! They are always friendly and they can always help you out :)

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I was your controller. Making a topic about this isn’t the way to solve things! Please PM me or @appeals to solve the issue.

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